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Cheap dormitories 3 mins for Shibuya starting from 1,800 yen/night!

Hello everybody! Living close to all the famous spots such as Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku is a big dream for most foreigners coming into Japan. I know that for those of you who want to spend less on accommodation so that you can spend more on travelling. The following buildings of Sakura House below have cheap dormitories for your short term stay starting from 3 days to a month and more! Sakura House : Shibuya Sendagaya Our Share and Dormitory building is located on 1 min by foot from the Kitasando station ** Under 15 mins walk from the South side of Shinjuku station to Meiji Jingu ** And […]

Welcome to Sakura House!

Good evening everyone! This is Kohei from Sakura House. It’s still hot in Tokyo. How’s it going? Today, we met a lot of customers in Sakura House. They gave us big smiles. How nice! We will help you find your accommodation. If you need an accommodation in Tokyo, please check Sakura House. We have monthly stay, weekly stay and also daily stay! We look forward to see you. Have a good evening☆ Kohei Sekiguchi

Best tips you can use to find a room for your vacation in Japan

Hello Everybody! We are now getting towards the of the summer and prepare for the Autumn season. Do you know what the most popular thing to do during Autumn in Japan? Most foreigners come to Japan during this time to see the beautiful colored Autumn leaves!     Try to get an accommodation for your short term stay for example a few days, week or evenly monthly stay is becoming hard in central Tokyo because of the high number of foreigners arriving everyday! However, in Sakura House, not only do we do Monthly, we can transformed ourselves and made it possible for you to stay even for something shorter than […]

Save less on accommodation & save more on your travel !

Good day every one! For those who have not been to Japan  or are planning to come to Japan, you will be amazed by the number of foreigners that have increased especially now that the 2020 Olympics are just around the corner ! Regardless of the time of the day it busy ( for example in the picture below ) For most travelers coming to Japan, they want save and spend more on the tourist part of their trip. Meaning that they want to save up as much as they can when to comes to their short or long term accommodation. Usually, other Hotels and accommodation providing services in Tokyo […]


Sakura House Akihabara Monte Rosa is located Akihabara area but also Okachimachi-Ueno area. There is well-known “Ameyoko” shopping street is about 5 minutes away from Sakura House Akihabara Monte Rosa. You can find cheap and good stores for shopping, eating and drinking… Please enjoy at Sakura House Monte Rosa!!

37℃ in Tokyo!

Good evening!  This is Akihiko Kobayashi from Sakura House Sales team. It was boiling hot today in Tokyo. Of course it is highest temperature record in this year “37℃” in Tokyo! In this melting hot, many people reached our office to check in today, thank you very much. Today Arturo-san, Mexican, checked in at our office. He has been living  7 years in Saudi Arabia. More than 40℃ is usual in Saudi Arabia. It is not really hot, he said. Everyone, please drink a lot of water and rest well. Please do not get heatstroke!! Have a good night.    

Monozukuri/Takumi no Waza EXPO 2017

Good evening everyone! This is Kohei from Sakura House Sales team. I want you to inform an exciting event!   Monozukuri/Takumi no Waza EXPO 2017 This event features traditional craftsmanship, which has played an important part in the development of Japan, as well as showcases the wonders of cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Don’t miss this opportunity to see and experience first-hand excellent craftsmanship in the fields of “i (clothing),” “shoku (food),”“ju (living),” and “kou (manufacturing).” We are going to  be joining on Friday,August 11! [Time] :From 1:30pm [Meeting Place] : Tokyo International Forum(In front of the Glass Building.) [Fee] Admission FREE (Material fee required for some hands-on activities) [Inquiry ] […]

How does the short term stay reservation work ?

Good day everyone! This time of the year is one of the most busiest times of the year because they are a many famous Japanese events happening and many popular tourist attractions that are open. As a result the prices of the hotels in central Tokyo are really high! However, Sakura House, knows that the foreign community wanna spend less on their accommodation so that they can have more money to use for their travelling during their holiday. At Sakura House, even though we do monthly accommodations, you, your group of friends or family can rent out an apartment starting from 3 nights without any deposit or any extra costs […]