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Good day every one! For those who have not been to Japan  or are planning to come to Japan, you will be amazed by the number of foreigners that have increased especially now that the 2020 Olympics are just around the corner ! Regardless of the time of the day it busy ( for example in the picture below ) For most travelers coming to Japan, they want save and spend more on the tourist part of their trip. Meaning that they want to save up as much as they can when to comes to their short or long term accommodation. Usually, other Hotels and accommodation providing services in Tokyo know that this time, many foreigners will be coming to Japan and they tend to over price accommodation rates . At Sakura House and Sakura Hotel, first of all, we welcome all kinds of stay starting from just one night stay and accommodate those that want to stay on a weekly or monthly basis. Secondly, we welcome all kinds of guests ( students, interns, groups and also families with kids ) who can rent out Apartments, Private rooms in Share House and dormitory rooms for females and males. Before giving the details of how much it will cost to make a reservation at Sakura House, let me give you an idea of how the rooms look like. Starting with Apartments ** All fully furnished, with bedding. Kitchen appliance included ( microwave, toaster and fridge ).  Television also provide that has free-to-air channels ( Japanese ).
Here is an idea of how an apartment looks like ( short term stay starting from 9,000 yen/month )
Next here is an idea of how private rooms in a share house look like ( short term stay starting from 5,000 yen/night )
And finally, here is an idea of  dormitory looks like. ( for short term stay starting from 2,000 yen /night )
As I mentioned before here are the details to why staying at Sakura House for you short term or long term stay is way cheaper for you stay. ** If you are going to be staying at Sakura House on a short stay for example, 3 nights, there is no deposit needed and you just pay the nights that you will stay. For an Apartment the price per night will start from 9,000 yen For a Share House the price per night will start from 5,000 yen For a dormitory the price per night will start from 2,000 yen.
**The price, includes all the utilities and the wifi is a free added service !
** On the other hand, if you are going to be staying for a minimum of one month or more, here are the details. For a single occupant/guest, to reserve a room 20,000 yen is required. For two people planning on living in the same room ( only possible in a share house or apartment ), the total deposit will be 30,000 yen. From the deposit that you pay , ** for dorms or share houses the 5,000 yen will be deducted and for Apartments 10,000 yen as maintenance fee and the remaining amount will be given back to you in CASH on your check out day. The other payment you would have to settle is just the monthly rent
** The other benefit that gets all the foreign guests is that you emergency contacts/guarantors can all be from your country ! Most accommodation providers in Tokyo, make it mandatory that you have a Japanese emergency contact, which is a really big struggle for those coming in Japan for the first time.
For more information on how to make reservations at Sakura House, click the link below.
Monthly Furnished Apartment & Share House Agency in Tokyo Japan
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