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Interesting to learn Japanese culture?

Good day every one! This Lady from Germany, just got in Japan today and checked in our Sakurahouse! This is first time for her to come in Japan and she said she wants to learn more about Japan culture. She is participating with our event coming this weekend, Takigi NOH at Zojoji Temple. Sakurhouse residents have the opprtunity to take part in the local events. Takigi NOH (Firelight Noh) at Zojoji Temple WhenSaturday, Sep 30, 2017 WhereZōjō-ji, Japan, 〒105-0011 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, 港区Shibakōen, 4 Chome−4−7−35 (map) A rare opportunity to see a Noh (a live classical Japanese musical drama—the one with the masks) with a twist. Gather at Zozoji Temple on […]

Live close to a futurist neighborhood ( Yokohama )

Good day everyone, Choosing a place or an area to live in can be a challenging task in Japan, especially if you are a foreigner. I have lived in Japan for over 8 years now and from a personal point of view living in Tokyo is cool and exciting but sometimes it would be also idea to have a place or nearby area that you can get away from all the crowded places. I live around the Yokohama area and trust me, if you want to feel like you are living in a futuristic and artist place, I would like to recommend a Share House called Sakura House Omori, which […]

How to enjoy your future trip in Japan

Hello everyone ! This is Fetine from the french team writing today! Are you planning on living in Japan and need some tips to enjoy their stay? 🙂 Looking for an affordable accommodation that does not need guarantor or a big amount of money? At Sakura House we are already prepared and ready to assist everyone and help you secure the accommodation of your needs! (and in your mother tongue hehe 😉 ) We are not only providing you a friendly service but we are also flexible, and can understand your needs ! And it happens also that some friendly customers give us presents! ^^   We have various accommodations […]

시부야 – 마루야마쵸 마츠리 – Omikoshi parade!

시부야 – 마루야마쵸 마츠리 (円山町祭り) 일본의 가을을 알리는 여러 즐거운 행사들 중에서도 단연 가장 다이나믹한 행사는 마쯔리가 아닐까 생각이 되네요! 특히 전통과 유서가 깊은 동네일 수록 아주 오래 전 부터 이어져온 마을 전체의 마쯔리가 많습니다. 어제, 시부야 마루야마초 주변지역을 중심으로 유명한 마루야마초 마츠리가 있었어요! 늘 관광객으로 발 디딜 틈 없이 가득 한 이곳에 평소와는 다른 전통복장을 갖춘 이들의 행렬이 이어졌습니다. 특히 이 마을의 행운을 비는 오미코시를 다함께 짊어지고 가는 모습은 일본을 처음 찾은 관광객은 물론 현지 주민들 마저도 발걸음을 멈춰 지켜보게끔 만들어 주었는데요! 다 함께 힘을 모아 어깨위에 마을 전체의 행복과 행운을 비는 즐겁고 생동감 넘치는 마쯔리 였어요! 가을의 시작을 알리는 마쯔리 행렬! 여러분도 길을 걷다 한 번 마주친다면 잠시 […]

Bento Box culture

Hi, this is Mai from Sakura House sales team. I would like to talk about Japanese Bento-box!  the bento box is part of Japanese culture. There are many varieties of bento box, including hand-made ones, high-end varieties made by commercial caterers and “ekiben”lunchboxes sold at railway stations.  Everyone in Japan has fond memories of bento boxes. There is also good bento shop just near our premises (MOTOHASUNUMA), one of my favorite apartment and share house. If you stay Sakurahouse Motohasunuma, you can experience Japanese style bento box at your room by yourself  or with your friends! You can try make bent-box at your kitchen too!