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Living close to Ikebukuro for only 48.000 Yen a month?! Welcome to Sakura House!

When we come to Japan, we are expecting unique things can not be found somewhere else. Such as Cat rest Cafe, Owl Cafe and even Penguin bar…! There is also Evangelion Store, to be honest this place is amazing for a big addict such as me! As we know hotels are expensive, especially in central Tokyo such as Ikebukuro. Therefore you are asking yourself, how to stay in central Tokyo AKA Ikebukuro with low budget? Even with less than…..50.000 Yen a month for accomodation place?! We understand that! Therefore check our beautiful accomodation place in Higashi Nagasaki Moreover we have many bilingual staffs able to help you enjoy our vacation in […]

Multilingual information spot for tourists at Sakura House ( Shinjuku )!

Good day everyone! The typhoon has cleared up, its sunny and now every is so anxious to travel around ! However, sometimes it can prove to be difficult to get the necessary information because it is still quite rare to find staff that can help your language.   At Sakura House in Shinjuku ( 10 mins walk from the Shinjuku West Exist ), we are open through out the week from 8:50 am to 8 pm and even if you are not a Sakura House resident, you are more than welcome to pass by Sakura House and ask for information or general questions about Japan.   Here are some of […]

Why most foreigners don’t want to rent a Apartment/House in Japan.

Why? simply because of the Initial fee you have to pay. Before renting an apartment/house you must know the meaning of two words. Reikin (礼金) key money In Japan, reikin (礼金, literally, “gratitude money”) is a mandatory payment to the landlord that is often the same amount as the original deposit (shikikin). However, reikin can be the equivalent of six months (or more) of rent!. But is typically the same as one to three months of rent. This money is considered a gift to the landlord and is not returned after the lease is canceled. Shikikin (敷金)security deposit Shikikin. This is the deposit paid when renting out a property. For residences, usually 1-2 […]

“Minami Asagaya” Now is the chance!

It’s been raining every day like rainy season in Tokyo. We need clear skies for couple of days!! There is a good news! some of the rooms at Sakura House Minami Asagaya, you can stay by discount price for new reservation only. Time is limited. Please check our website!!

Discover Japanese Culture with Sakura House!

Admiring Japanese cultures, everyone wants to see and…even experience it. Including me, I am a big fan of Samurai since I used to play the video game a lot. We understand travelling in Japan is your desire, isn’t it? Pretty sure some of you even want to live in Japan. Many ways done to achieve this, such as doing part time job, learning Japanese hard and many more. Then you are considering, how to stay in Japan with limited budget? Sakura House is the solution! With only 36.000 Yen a month (1.200 Yen a day) you can embark on your journey! We also support residents to join several Japanese events […]

Getting lost in Ikebukuro Station

Since my last post about getting lost in Shinjuku Station was pretty well received, I thought it would be interesting to address the other worst offender of complicated train systems: Ikebukuro Station. Ikebukuro suffers from a lot of the same problems as Shinjuku — multiple train operators squished into a small space, identical looking corridors, and millions of people with places to be rushing past you. And then there’s the unhelpful exit names — every time I see this sign, I want to pull my hair out. With Ikebukuro Station, the trick is to be aware of the shape of the station, and to usually ignore the dumb names (how […]

New Holiday Apartment in Shibuya for Families and groups.

Hello everyone, For those looking for an all furnished apartment for a group (Family, friends,… ) for holidays starting three nights to more (Weekly stay also possible) I would like to recommend you our new holiday apartment in Shibuya: SENDAGAYA ANNEX 3 # R and # L,  where it is possible to stay up to 20 persons when using the two units (both 50m2 each) No need to proceed any deposit fee! No guarantor and hiden fees! Simple to reserve in any language! Assistance possible even on week end and national holiday ^^ You can be in the center of Tokyo and have an easy access to the main touristic […]

Popular place to live cheaply and visit the hot spots in Asakusa !

Good day everyone ! We are now entering that time of the year ( Autumn and Winter ) that is considered  the second  most beautiful time of the year after the cherry blossom season, because of the the famous Autumn leaves ( also know as Kouyou and Momoji  ).     The fact that this is the time when most foreigners come to Japan, most Hotels and ryokans are fully booked and too be honest theses places that are booked are expenesive. However, at Sakura House, we understand that foreigners want to spend and save more so that they can use that for their food and travel experience during their […]

Do you really know the story of Hachiko?

Near from our Sakura House Shibuya Maruyamacho you can find the well-known statue of Hachiko. You will probably cross with it if you use Shibuya station And you probably know a little bit about how the pup waited patiently at Shibuya Station every day for his owner to come home from work, even after his master passed away. The story has inspired Japan to such an extent that a brand new status was recently installed on The University of Tokyo’s campus, causing the country to shed even more  tears over the bittersweet tale. Since we can’t help getting swept up in the emotion, we decided to create our own ode […]