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Wow! I didn’t know Sakura House had connections with these Japanese schools!

  Have you noticed we are collaborating with different Japanese Language schools and providing their students accommodation? For those students that first come to Tokyo and are still learning Japanese, we pro vide them housing and accommodation in our sharehouses. 1. The intercultural institute of Japan AKIHABARA ASAKUSA KURAMAE KOTO-KU MONZEN-NAKACHO A KOTO-KU MONZEN-NAKACHO B KOTO-KU MONZEN-NAKACHO C KOTO-KU MONZEN-NAKACHO D KOTO-KU MONZEN-NAKACHO E 2. ARC academy List of Sakura House near NAKANO SAKAUE SHINJUKU SHIN OKUBO NAKANO SHIMBASHI SHIBUYA SENDAGAYA SHIBUYA SENDAGAYA ANNEX 1 SHIBUYA SENDAGAYA ANNEX 2 TOMIGAYA A YOYOGI KOEN 2   3. Kudan Institute of Japanese Language SHINJUKU AKEBONOBASHI SHINJUKU AKEBONOBASHI 2 SHINJUKU […]

Share a private room with your friend and save more money !

Good day everyone ! Here is a big money saving tip that you definitely need to consider especially if you are coming to Japan for the first time to work or as an intern.     When you are looking for a private room in a share house or in an apartment, look for the logo shown above. In the example, above, it shows that 2 a maximum of 2 people can live in this room. This is a huge budget saver when you know that a room can fit 2 or more people because it means you can split up the rent ! ** please note that the rent […]

Cheap and Perfect place to hang out even on a weekday!

Good day everyone !   My name is Chipa Mwenya, the bi-lingual staff at Sakura House. I wanted to share an wonderful experience I had at a interesting place is Ginza called the TOKYO GINZA 300 BAR NEXT Even though this is a bar, I was still able to enjoy myself despite being a non – alcoholic drinker. But before that, you should know that, 300 bar is famously know for serving the number  ONE recognized Mojito is Japan. The other reason why it is so famous is because, the Cuban Governor had the opportunity to try it out and he was so impressed by the taste! He and the Cuban […]

5 reasons why you should pick Sakura House for your short-term stay

We all have that feeling when we come to Japan we want to experience the true feeling of living in a Japanese House. Sakura House provides different types of rooms depending on what you want to experience since 1992. It’s our 25th anniversary and we are proud to say that we have improved our services and quality more than ever. Let me show you 5 reasons why you should pick Sakura House. 1. In Sakura House we provide tatami style rooms and western style rooms. 2. Either we posses rooms in the center of Tokyo and easy access buildings around famous spots in Tokyo. 3. Not only that we also […]

Higashinagasaki B Room 102 is available for discount price for 3 months!

Tokyo has been getting colder and colder.  Are you ready for Winter season? We would like to inform you that Sakura House Higashinagasaki B Room 102 is available for good price for 3 months for only new customer! Sakura House Higashinagasaki B is just 3 minutes walk from Higashinagasaki Station.  Higashinagasaki station is also just 2 stations from Ikebukuro station!! Please check the price at our website. Of course Room 102 is only 1 room.  First come, first served!!              

Couple and Family stay apartments in Tokyo!

Are you currently looking for an affordable and all furnished apartment to stay for few nights or longer? You can also reserve the most convenient accommodation for your stay in Tokyo or Kyoto! No need to live in small separate rooms , you can all stay together have your privacy and enjoy your trip ^^ Make our house your own and live there confortable is possible 😉 In the center of Tokyo: TABATA 3 # 202 Staying fee starting from 20,000 yen per night (to divide per the number of persons) For a group of 5 persons, the rental would be 4,000 yen per person per night which is […]

Rent Discount for Dormitory rooms in Tokyo! ( up to 3 months !! )

Good day everyone ! Sakura House has amazing news for those planning to check-in the this month of  November and next month December !   This is the popular time of the year when many foreigners visit Japan, for skiing purpose, experiencing Japanese style Christmas and visit the onsens ! From personal experience when it comes to travelling, many travellers and backpackers would love to stay under a low budget when it comes their accommodation and have more money so that they can go sight seeing and experience the Japanese culture.   Here are the top 3 dormitory rooms that have discounts for up to three months!! This is an […]

Popular Trend in Japan ! Mixed African and Japanese !

Good day everybody!   My name is Chipa Mwenya ( the half Japanese and half Zambian bilingual staff ) at Sakura House.   From the time I came to Japan in 2009 and the time I joined the Sakura House Team, I have noticed a really interesting trend among the African Community in Japan !   When I first came to Japan, it was actually really rare to meet people that had a parent from Africa and a parent from Japan. However, these past 2,3 years, I have noticed more mixed African and Japanese kids in Japan and actually more mixed kids visiting Japan from their African country!     […]

Safest Apartment area West of Shinjuku

Good day everyone! From my personal experience here at Sakura House. for those who plan on staying on there own for the first time in Japan, safety is a point that really worries guests, especially those leaving there family for the first time!   Let me give you a few facts that will help you decide on a safe area in Japan! In Japan, you sometimes find a number of schools, such as primary schools in the residential area. Actually realize that there a number of schools or nursery schools in the area you live, it is actually one of the safest areas because of the following reasons !   […]

Origami – The Colorful Japanese Paper Craft

We know we admire many Japanese traditional cultures, for instance the food, sumo, samurai, and many more. But do you know Origami? Origami contains two words, Ori and Gami. Ori means folding and Gami means paper. The goal is to transform a flat colorful paper into any kind of form. For example, frog, horse, house and the others through folding and sclupting technique. Anyone can enjoy this Japanese culture. Interesting fact, Japanese children made crane using the colorful paper to dedicate their contribution for memorial in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, since cranes are considered as animals spend time in tranquility and peacefulness You can actually use any kind of paper as […]