Origami – The Colorful Japanese Paper Craft

We know we admire many Japanese traditional cultures, for instance the food, sumo, samurai, and many more.

But do you know Origami? Origami contains two words, Ori and Gami. Ori means folding and Gami means paper.

The goal is to transform a flat colorful paper into any kind of form. For example, frog, horse, house and the others through folding and sclupting technique.

Anyone can enjoy this Japanese culture. Interesting fact, Japanese children made crane using the colorful paper to dedicate their contribution for memorial in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, since cranes are considered as animals spend time in tranquility and peacefulness

You can actually use any kind of paper as the material, does not have to be spesific type of paper. You can even use your 10.000 Yen if you do not even know what to do with it : D

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