Safest Apartment area West of Shinjuku

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From my personal experience here at Sakura House. for those who plan on staying on there own for the first time in Japan, safety is a point that really worries guests, especially those leaving there family for the first time!


Let me give you a few facts that will help you decide on a safe area in Japan!

In Japan, you sometimes find a number of schools, such as primary schools in the residential area. Actually realize that there a number of schools or nursery schools in the area you live, it is actually one of the safest areas because of the following reasons !



** an area that has many kids, you actually have a number of street camera and patrol offices watching and looking after the area

** there is no reckless drivers because they realize that there are many school kids in the area, which forces them to slow down.



If you are thinking on living in a fully private apartment or would like to have the chance to live in a share house if you are eager to make new friends then, Sakura House Kunitachi Apartment + Share House ( which are just right next to each other ) would be the best place for you. Moreover, if your family back home know that you are living here, it would really be a big relief to them.



Main attractive features of the Kunitachi Share House

** very few people live in this share house ( up to 5 people ), meaning that, you can both have enough privacy and also have a social environment at the same time !

** in the picture above, you also have a washing machine and a drier that is free of charge!


Main attractive features of the Kunitachi Apartment


** lots of space underneath the bed to help accommodate your languages. More space means you can have a room mate stay with you and you can actually consider living long term !



** at the apartment, you also have free washing machines too!

Regarding the reservation procedure, it is really simple.

** even if you want to check in months ahead or as soon as possible, there is a 20,000 yen deposit required ( for more details about this please click the link


** all payments can be made by credit card ( Visa, Master card and American express ).


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