Popular Trend in Japan ! Mixed African and Japanese !

Good day everybody!


My name is Chipa Mwenya ( the half Japanese and half Zambian bilingual staff ) at Sakura House.


From the time I came to Japan in 2009 and the time I joined the Sakura House Team, I have noticed a really interesting trend among the African Community in Japan !


When I first came to Japan, it was actually really rare to meet people that had a parent from Africa and a parent from Japan. However, these past 2,3 years, I have noticed more mixed African and Japanese kids in Japan and actually more mixed kids visiting Japan from their African country!



In Sakura House, we have been blessed to received a hand full of these mixed African and Japanese young guests. When I asked them the main reason they came to Japan, they told me that they would like to know more about their roots!! Actually this is the same reason that I came to Japan. I am really blessed that I have a platform such as Sakura House, where I can help these new ” Pioneers ” as they discover their Japanese side!



On the other hand, the fact the we are having more mixed African and Japanese in Japan shows that the Japanese people are now opening up to the African culture.


If you have any African friends or mixed African friends that are planning to come to Japan or are in Japan and plan to move to Tokyo for short or long term stay, I would be more than happy to assist them and also share my story with them.


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