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Good day everyone !


My name is Chipa Mwenya, the bi-lingual staff at Sakura House.

I wanted to share an wonderful experience I had at a interesting place is Ginza called the TOKYO GINZA 300 BAR NEXT

Even though this is a bar, I was still able to enjoy myself despite being a non – alcoholic drinker.

But before that, you should know that, 300 bar is famously know for serving the number  ONE recognized Mojito is Japan. The other reason why it is so famous is because, the Cuban Governor had the opportunity to try it out and he was so impressed by the taste! He and the Cuban government actually awarded and recognized this 300 bar as the top producer and the most tasty Mojito in Japan!


Some of  you may be wondering was is Cuba involved in all of this and the answer is, Mojito is actually from Cuba ! Hence the relationship!

For those of you who are not familiar what Mojito is ( especially for no alcoholic drinkers ), a Mojito is a cocktail that consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugarlime juicesoda water, and mint. Actually the fresh mint that we use comes from our Organic Farm called Tohoku Bokujo ( located in the Northen Part of Japan ).



My first impression when I saw all the types of Mijito on the menu, was that there were really colorful and tasty ! I was a bit hesitant to taste it because it had rum but, I gave it a go, tasted it and I was really supersized that I could easily drink it despite it having rum inside. This was a huge relief for me because, I do not handle alcohol well and I felt great that I could now feel kinda cool ordering a fancy Mojito rather than Coca-Cola!! :D



The other thing I felt is really helpful especially if you would like to discuss business related issue, for example using a laptop, you can find elegantly designed tables that you can use in the bar!





The food and drink are all 300 yen and are normally bought using a tickets system. Click the link below to know more information about this











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