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The special herb flavored sake that heals you at Sakura House

Merry Christmas to all! My name is Chipa Mwenya, the bilingual staff here at Sakura House in Tokyo, Japan We are approaching the end of the year and this is the time when most people want to start a new beginning! It is a Japanese tradition to drink a special sake called ” toso “. It is mixed with a number of herbs giving it a unique flavor. You can drink this for free on the first day of the year at Sakura House. ** drinking Toso is believed to cleanse oneself and your past ** in is custom in Japan to drink from the youngest to the oldest in […]

Having Job hunting, Internship, or vacation plans in Tokyo? Stay with Sakura House!

Winter is coming, there are many things to do in Tokyo. For example, the famous comic and manga festival called Comiket (Comic Market) which will be in Odaiba, Tokyo. People come from around the world to join this event, one of the biggest Manga and Comic events occured. While others are busy with the job hunting and Internship. Coming from one of the global universities in South Japan, I also had similar Internship experience in Tokyo. To be honest I was anxious since I already expected living in Tokyo would be too expensive for my budget as student. Untill one day, my Japanese teacher told me about Sakura House. I […]

Make an Advanced Reservation for your daily or weekly stay for 2018

Good day everyone !   So of you may have already planned your next year`s trip to Japan for a few days. Getting an ideal and affordable deal in Tokyo, to be honest with you and most do not even have group or family plans. Now at Sakura House, all you have to do is keep the following in mind     ** the location you would like to stay in Tokyo next year ** for the total number of your stay, you will be required pay just a night fee payment as a security fee ( However, if you decide to cancel ), the one night security fee is […]

The Share House with a view of Mt. Fuji !

Good day everyone !   My name is Chipa Mwenya, the bilingual staff here at Sakura House, Tokyo, Japan.   Fuji mountain is a national symbol and Japan and would`t it be an amazing chance to live in an area where you can view the Fuji Mountain in the heart of Tokyo City?!       Actually, we do have a share house with private rooms called Nakano Shimbashi located at a station called Nakano Shimbashi ( on the Metro  Marunouchi Line ). The other amazing points about this area are that, ** it is only 6 mins by train and only a minute walk from the station ! ** […]

Sakura House, Share your Happiness with the World!

One of our marketing staffs, Matteo graduated from Ritsumeikan Asia Pasific University in Beppu, Oita Prefecture. He was actually our resident staying in Uguisudani building when he had Internship program in Tokyo for one month in 2015. One of his best friend had Internship opportunity right after graduation in this September. She was looking a place to stay for some weeks. Therefore, Matteo suggested Sakura House. Eventually she decided to stay in Sakura House Yoyogi Uehara Muslim Friendly place. We are very glad to hear that she really likes the place because of some reasons, for instance ; -She Can make new friends from around the world. Our residents come […]

Dormitory room to share with your friends starting 2,000 yen a night? YES!

Ohayou Gozaimasu Minasan! Did you know that it is also possible to share a dormitory room with your friend for few nights or even monthly ^^ ? If you are two or three female friends and looking for a short to long place to stay,  it is possible to stay in the same dormitory: TABATA 3 # 102 Monthly rent for one person: 36,000 yen (which is around 1,200 yen a night if you stay a month ! ^^) Staying less than a month? > 2,000 yen  a night only! 🙂 MOTOHASUNUMA # A unit Monthly rent for one person: Discounted to 43,000 yen per person! until end […]