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One of our marketing staffs, Matteo graduated from Ritsumeikan Asia Pasific University in Beppu, Oita Prefecture. He was actually our resident staying in Uguisudani building when he had Internship program in Tokyo for one month in 2015.
One of his best friend had Internship opportunity right after graduation in this September. She was looking a place to stay for some weeks. Therefore, Matteo suggested Sakura House. Eventually she decided to stay in Sakura House Yoyogi Uehara Muslim Friendly place.
We are very glad to hear that she really likes the place because of some reasons, for instance ;
-She Can make new friends from around the world. Our residents come from over 100 nations!
-Her parents were happy since she was in a Muslim-Friendly place which is located close to one of the biggest mosques in Tokyo, Camii Mosque. Moreover there is prayer room inside the premise。
-The price is affordable. Moreover she does not have to buy furniture, pay the expensive admission fee. And the procedure is very simple.
-She does not have to worry about the language barrier since our staffs can speak English, Japanese, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese!
We are ready to help you find the best accomodation with your preference budget. With more than hundred buildings located across Tokyo, we can find the one close to your work place, university and school. We also have dormitory type, so you can stay with your family and friends together
Let us know if you have any plan to do Internship, study, vacation and any other in Tokyo. With the cheapest one 36,000 Yen per month, it is time to start your Tokyo dream! : D
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