Make an Advanced Reservation for your daily or weekly stay for 2018

Good day everyone !


So of you may have already planned your next year`s trip to Japan for a few days. Getting an ideal and affordable deal in Tokyo, to be honest with you and most do not even have group or family plans.

Now at Sakura House, all you have to do is keep the following in mind



** the location you would like to stay in Tokyo next year

** for the total number of your stay, you will be required pay just a night fee payment as a security fee ( However, if you decide to cancel ), the one night security fee is FULLY REFUNDABLE !

** then the rest, such as deciding the specific room, leave that to us and your are GUARANTEED that you will have a room.

** there are NO other payments involved besides the rent. ( Payments by cash of credit card are acceptable )


** regarding the type of residents that live with us, they are young adults in there 20`s, such as interns, backpackers



Here are the pricing summary.


** starting from 1,800  ~ 2,500 yen  ( shared group dormitory )


** starting from 4,500 ~ 6,000 yen ( private room in a share house )


** starting from 8,000 yen ( private apartment room )


All the rooms are fully furnished and free wifi, therefore, it helps you settle in really quickly and focus on planning your other trips.


For more information, please contact us on


[email protected]




[email protected]







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