Plan your trip to Japan ( Survival Guide )

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We now live in a generation that has many apps, online sources and travel guide books that can help us plan the perfect trip to Japan.

When travelling to Japan, having internet access or a portable wifi is really useful but, realistically this is sometimes not accessible and sometimes not affordable. So you may be wondering , what is the best way to stay informed while you travel in Japan ?

Have you heard of the travel guide book called ” Lonely Planet “? This is an affordable travel guide book that gives you simplified information such as accommodation ( both modern and traditional ), local restaurants, cuisines, best onsen location and vital information just in case you run into some difficulties.

Did you know that Sakura House and Lonely planet have had a long friendship and bond for many years?! Sakura House has been in the Hospitality industry for over 25 years now and actually there was a time when the internet was not a useful and ideal way to approach and help the foreign community find accommodations in Japan.

This is where Lonely Planet ( that has its headquarters in Australia ) gave us a shoulder to lean on and assisted us to reach to the foreigner community by informing them about Sakura House. At that time and even till this very day,

it is still difficult to find a foreign accommodation providing agency that is flexible, has a personalized service and can provide rooms with a reasonable budget such a Sakura House.
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We are really blessed that Lonely Planet and Sakura House have this unique collaboration to work hand in hand and can provide an offline reliable source to help foreigners.

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