Daily Journals 1 [All the way from Germany]

Hi everybody !

My name is Chipa Mwenya, one of the Bilingual staff at Sakura House. I am going to be starting a new series called “Daily Journals”, to let you know what was the interesting topic of the day at Sakura House.

Today, we welcomed a frequent Sakura House resident, who’s back for the third time from Germany! This time is very unique for her because she came with her parents !

She first came to Japan for 3 months to learn Japanese at a language school. Did you know that if you enroll in the following Japanese Language schools or Institutions you actually get to have rent discount if you decide to stay at Sakura House?!

** German Embassy

** Kudan Institute

** Espace Langue Tokyo



** Tokyo Sushi Academy

** Shane English School

** German Chamber of commerce

When she came to Japan this, we were amazed at house fluent she can speak Japanese! This is actually really helpful because she can now guide her mum and dad all around Japan! Her parents actually came all the way from Germany to see how she is doing and her new life in Japan. All 3 were also greeted by our new German staff. Even though in you’re in a new country, it is really nice and assuring if you can find someone from the same country right?

I have lived in Japan for over 8 years and personally speaking, coming to Japan and learning the language in the beginning was really beneficial because it will come in really handy in the long run. You do not necessarily have to enroll in a long or  intensive language course, just a short term course to that will help improve your conversational Japanese! I hope this “Daily Journal” was helpful. You can also get in contact with us by clicking this link.
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