Daily Journals 4 [ Staying as a guest with a current Sakura House Resident ]

How are you all doing?

It is starting to get hotter and humid now in Japan, however, this is also the time when we have good weathers and have many tourist places to visit in Japan

Travelling to Japan at this time of the year and booking a Hotel can be a pricy to be honest. However, if you happen to have a friend already living in Sakura House and provided that the room she/he is staying can accommodate one more person, you have the ootion to stay as a ” guest ” for only 2,000 yen per night. The guest in the picture below made this wise and smart choice to stay as a guest with her friend that is already living in Sakura House



Some of you may be wondering now, how do I know if the room can accommodate one or more people. This is how. When you look at the room picture/details on the website, you will notice this logo ( shown below ).



In the example shown above, the maximum number of people that can stay here is 2 people. Moreover, the extra person that stays with will be provided a Japanese futon with beddings. I typical example of what a Japanese futon with bedings is shown below.


There are two main benefits of using a futon. The first being that,
  • You achieve a multi-purpose space with a futon, as it can be rolled and tucked away.
and secondly,
  • it is said to be really good for your back

This guest stay option is defintely an option worth remembering the next time you come to Japan. If you would like to find out more, pleae send us an email using the information below.


I hope you found this information useful!





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