Welcoming Vanessa, Sakura House’s Newest German Staff Member

We’ve got another new staff member to introduce to you, this one hailing from Germany! She’s been working at Sakura House for a few months so you may have seen her around, but today she introduces herself to you.

Hello Guys! How are you? I hope you are doing well.

This is Vanessa from Germany and I am the new German staff of Sakura House.

I was born and lived in the German state Saarland which is very close to France. I started to work for Sakura House in April and it is a very new experience for me.

It is not my first experience to live in Japan since in 2013 I studied one year of Japanese at Keio University. After that I returned to Germany and graduated from University last year. My major was Art History and History. Before I graduated I came back for a short time to Japan to have an internship at the German Institute for Japanese StudiesActually this was last year and I also tried to find a job in Japan. I decided for Sakura House because I want to help foreigners to settle their live in japan. I am always glad when I can help foreigners in Japan. Especially I hope can help to increase the German speaking community in Japan.

If you ask me what kind of art I like, usually I would answer that I like Comic/Manga art, Pop art, caricatures, vintage style art and also the art of the old western and Japanese masters. I really adore Lucas Cranach! But still my favourite art is manga. But I have to admit that I recently do not read that much. Moreover I am interested in fashion, retro design (I love the 1920-1940s and the 1980s). When I have free time I like to go to a bar in Shinjuku, try to draw and do some cosplay when there is a special club event. My favourite cosplay is Sasuke from Naruto Shippuuden.

I also like Japanese comedy like Ken Shimura and try to improve with this my Japanese language skills and the understanding of Japanese people behavior. I think Japanese humour is totally different from German humour.  The Japanese have really a special humour. Don’t you think so?

If possible someday I would like to visit all Japanese prefectures. Starting from Tokyo at first I want to travel to the north after this I will go to the south until I reach Okinawa. I think it will take a lot of time (and money) but I really want to try it. Somehow I hope that I can also learn a little bit of the Japanese dialects.

Okay, that is maybe all what should know about me for now. ^^




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