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It is that time of the year, its getting colder and the weather is getting drier. This makes some of us have a dry throat and in some case makes us catch a cold!

For those of you living in Japan and don`t want to spend so much money on medical expenses, we tend to resort to buying medication or treatments from the local Japanese Pharmacy right?


Have you every found yourself in a situation where you are trying to pick out some medication but, it is all in Japanese and you have completely no idea what it is used for? Trust me, even though I have been living in Japan for over 8 years, I still find myself in this situation.


But! I managed to find an online service( FREE  ( In English ), that allows you to type the name of the medication ( In Japanese ) or ( In English ) and it will provide you detailed information such as;

** what the medication is used for

** the name of the company the produced it

** the various version of the same medication


The name of the online service FREE, is called くすりのしおり ( Kusuri no Shiori ) or in English, a Drug Information Sheet. Click the link below.



On the other hand, if you need to talk to a doctor in person and don`t really have the confidence to do so, Sakura House has bi-lingual and multi-lingual staff that can help you and call on behalf of you. Even though you are not a Sakura House Resident, our Sakura House office is open to all.




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