Let’s join the Awaodori summer festival on August 3rd!

Konnichi wa everyone!

It’s already July and the summer season is about to start in Japan.
In Summer in Japan is the season of Awaodori dance festivals !
And this year too, Sakura House will join the Awaodori at Nakameguro Festival!!

During the Awaodori, groups of dancers and musicians dressed in costumes parade through the streets, accompanied by traditional Japanese music instruments such as shamisen, flute and taiko drums.

A rare chance to experience the real Japanese tradition!

For quite a long time now, Sakura House has the chance to participate in the annual Awaodori of Nakameguero and to be able to invite some residents to join. This is unique to Sakura House, which like to cultivate good relationships with the locals, allowing us to offer our residents with unique and unforgettable experiences of Japanese culture. What better memories than joining and experiencing with all your sense a traditional cultural heritage of Japan, along with the locals who perpetuate this tradition?!

Take part to a real Japanese festival

To join the Awaodori dance, all participants are required to join few times the practices, to learn the steps in a funny way!
It is a good chance to meet other Sakura House residents and to befriend them as well as the Japanese participants.
The practice days are marked in rent on the calendar of the poster above.

Unique memories

Let’s dance and celebrate summer in Japan!

On the day of the event, August 3rd 2019, we will join one of the local Awaodori groups and parade and dance around the town. At every stops, friendly local people offer drinks and some snacks, and you will have a lot of chances to make meet nee new people!
Some of our residents even come to Tokyo every year to participate this event and to see their local friends!

If you are currently a resident at Sakura House or if you have booked a room in Sakura House for this summer, you are all invited!
Let’s dance and share good moments together get to know Japan and heartful Japanese people better and create unforgettable memories of your stay in Tokyo. If you have any questions, please contact us at info [@] sakura-house.com ^^

Mata ne !

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