Golden week 2016 : International festivals in Tokyo

May is one of the nicest months in Tokyo. The weather is great, parks look amazing, and there are fewer tourists than during the Sakura season. May is also the month of the Golden Week, which is formed by a series of national holidays. Many Tokyoites make the most of this week by leaving town and going abroad, but those who stay shouldn’t feel frustrated, for there is a lot to do in Tokyo : a myriad of events and festivals will be held in May, especially during the Golden Week. There is no specific theme but international events seem to be the most popular. If you are staying in […]

Say hello to Tokyo’s brand new bus terminal : BUSTA!

If you’ve ever taken a long-distance bus from Shinjuku station, you know how complicated and annoying it can be : all the different companies had bus stops scattered everywhere around Shinjuku station, making it really confusing to find out where to board your bus. But that was before! After years of construction, the new Shinjuku bus terminal, called “Busta” (short for Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal), has finally opened! All major bus companies will serve the bus terminal, allowing travelers to go almost anywhere in Japan from Shinjuku : Sendai, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and many other cities. Out of the 47 Japanese prefectures, 39 are connected to Tokyo by bus! The bus terminal […]

Genbi Shinkansen : the contemporary art themed bullet train

A new type of Shinkansen will be launched on April 29th on the Joetsu Shinkansen line, between Echigo Yuzawa and Niigata. Its name : Genbi, short for gendai bijutsukan (現代美術館, “contemporary art”). As you can tell, the train will be art themed, and the wagons will be decorated by famous artists. Visitors going to the Echigo Tsumari Triennale and related art events in the area will be able to ride this trendy train. Unlike the very fancy and exclusive Gran Class on the Tohoku Shinkansen, this train is not excessively expensive : it will cost you around 5,400-5,900 yen to travel between Echigo Yuzawa and Niigata stations. If you are a […]

Setouchi Triennale 2016 : contemporary art and tiny islands

The Setouchi Triennale is an art event held every three years in the Seto Inland Sea area, located between the Honshu and Shikoku islands. This year, the triennale will be held for the 3rd time since its creation, over three different sessions: spring, summer and autumn. The festival itself will take place on 12 different islands of the Seto Inland Sea, through exhibitions, performances and art installations. The most famous of these islands is probably Naoshima, which has become over the last few years one of the centers of contemporary art in Japan, thanks to its many museums. A lot of visitors come for the art, but it is also […]

Cheap izakaya in Tokyo : how to eat and drink on a budget

Izakaya are absolutely everywhere in Japan, and especially in Tokyo, but it’s not always easy to find a cheap place where you can drink and eat without spending a fortune. Sakura House has chosen for you some of the best and cheapest izakaya in town that will make both your stomach and your wallet happy! Torikizoku Torikizoku (or Toriki) is an izakaya chain from Osaka, known for its delicious yakitori. Everything on the menu is 280 yen (tax not included), which is pretty great. Try the “tsukune cheese yaki”, chicken meatballs on skewers covered in cheese… They’re amazing! Toriki has a fairly young clientele, mostly students and young adults, and […]