April Fool

Hi! Today is April Fool! I can  lie until 12 in the noon time! But… I never do that. I heard that in some country have a big April Fool event. How about your country? Someone in Japan who have a webpage, they make a fake page. For example, actually the website consist of the  manga (Japanese comic), but on April Fool they change the website to MO site. Or other thing is make a fake picture like them. This is a “contact lens” which you can get white eyes! Of course it’s fake XD And this one, too funny. A bath of ice cream!! When I have time, I would like […]

I’m a new face

Hi, this is Aoyagi. I start to working from today. Let me introduce about myself. I grew up in Spain, so I’m able to speak also in Spanish. I don’t know why but my father put me a Russian name (Maasha). If it’s difficult to pronounce, you can call me Maria. I was admiring Japan because all my hobbies are related to Japan (J-POP, manga, anime, video games, etc). So now, I’m happy to find a new work in Japan and also in this place that  I can meet a lot of people from foreign country! I’m newbie but I’ll do the best  you can feel comfortable in Japan. Any […]