From a piece of paper to a piece of art !

From a piece of paper to a piece of art !

Konnichi wa everyone ! Today, Let’s talk about Origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Like every month, our hotel Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is organizing its popular Origami Workshop on April 27th 2014 ! If you are staying at Sakura House or Sakura Hotel, and if you are interesting in trying the art, feel free to contact us ! 折り紙 Origami literally means “paper (纸) folded (折り).” In Japan, origami is such a popular craft that everyone knows at least how to do some “classics” figures such as the famous crane or the box. In fact, children learn origami from kindergarten. At the beginning, people learn simple foldings such […]

Tokyo-style “pancake” : Monjayaki !

Konnichi wa ! The Japanese gastronomy is wide and various, but when seen through foreigners’ eyes, it is often reduced to sushi, sashimi, râmen and okonomiyaki. But there so much much more variety, even among these classics dishes. For example, okonomiyaki : Did you know that this specialty of the Kansai region has a “cousin” in the Kantō region : The Monjayaki ! The Monjayaki (もんじゃ焼き) – often called simply “monja” – is a type of Japanese pan-fried batter with various ingredients. It is similar to okonomiyaki but monjayaki is made with a dough more liquid than is okonomiyaki. The ingrédients (Cabbage, carrots, vegetables, meat, fish, shrimps, mochi, cheese… etc) […]

Kendama, new tradi-trendy japanese game !

Kendama, new tradi-trendy japanese game !

Konnichi wa! Let’s talk Japanese games today ! Japan has a large variety of traditional games and toys. Among them, one is coming back into fashion : the kendama. Bye the way… What is a kendama ? Well it is like a ring and pin… but Japanese style ! The kendama (けん玉 / 剣玉 / 拳玉) is a traditional toy which consists of three wooden cups of different sizes placed on the center of a wooden spike (ken), with a smaller cup at the spike’s base and a ball (tama) connected by a string to the center piece. The idea is catching the wooden and make it land into one […]

Valentine’s Day in Japan : More than just a box of chocolates

Konnichi wa ! Today is February the 14th, Valentine’s Day ! A day long awaited by women, feared by men, sometimes even hated by both… This special day is of French origin and was introduced in Japan by trade route in the late 50s, like many others Western traditions. In many Western countries, Valentine’s Day rhymes with romantic day with your lover, bouquet of flowers, candlelit dinner, empty men’s wallets and sometimes a good ol’ argument if none of these things is done. But in Japan the “rules” are a little bit different, one could even say it is the complete opposite. In Japan, women and only women are offering […]

Winter cuisine “Nabe”: warm-up the Japanese way!

Konnichi wa ! It’s starting to be a bit nippy huere in Tokyo, as we enter deeper in the winter season… Like everywhere else in the world I guess, the wintry weather goes with a wide variety of good ol’ warming up delicacies ! Here in Japan, the typical season dish is the Nabe! Nabe (鍋) means “cooking pot” and refers to both the container and the content. The nabe is not a unique dish, there is a large variety of them, each with its own flavor, but the base is always the same : all kind of fresh ingredients (meat, vegetables, fish, tofu, noodle etc…) are put to cook […]

Our residents are great! Solidarity song for Japanese Red Cross ^^

Hi everyone ! Genki ? Hope you’re doing well ^^  Today, we are very proud to introduce you to the work of one of our former french residents : Frédéric Séraphine. Gratuated of Beaux-Arts school, he created “Wake-Up“, a song he has composed with his rock band “Shaamans” to support Japan and all the people who suffered from March 11th major earthquake. This great song is available since 2 weeks ago on the major online music stores. All the donations and funds earned from this song will be given to the Japanese Red Cross.  “Wake Up” ‘s original animated video you can watch below has been entirely created by Frédéric himself […]