New Opening !! Sakura House for the Muslim community

As some of you may know already, we are opening our new Share House, Yoyogi Uehara B House, a shared accommodation for the Muslim community. It’s been quite long time from our last New Opening, so we are very excited, and we are busy on installing furniture, bedding items, home electronics !!   Look a bunch of mattresses piled up at entrance hall !! (゜ロ゜)ギョェ                                 Room 206(Ladies Single Room) Isn’t this room so fancy ?!                             This Yoyogi Uehara House will […]

Shooting T.V. program at Sakura House Nakano Sakaue

On 24th of Jan,  we had a shooting at Sakura House Nakano Sakaue : )                         Cameraman focusing our friends in Nakano Sakaue cooking at kitchen !                             So,,, what can you see through the lens ??  Hmnn, I’ curious.                 The shooting lasted until 8:30 p.m., but our friends in Nakano Sakaue were very cooperative and always made T.V. director laugh with their big smile : )   Sorry, because of the airdate of the program, we cannot reveal anymore than […]

7th of Jan is the day for Nanakusagayu (rice porridge with seven herbs) : )

Hello everyone !!  It’s 7th of January today. In Japan, there is a custom of eating nanakusagayu, or rice porridge with seven herbs, for breakfast on January 7th each year. It is believed people will be healthy all year round if they eat the porridge on this day, and the custom was introduced from China and then became established in Japan by the Heian Period. Moreover, many people say Nanakusagayu is also good for digestion after eating and drinking too much over the New Year !   Wants to know about seven herbs ??   O.K. they are…. cicely(Japanese parsley) (SERI), shepherd’s-purse(NAZUNA),cudweed(GOGYOU),chickweed(HAKOBERA),henbit(HOTOKENOZA),white turnip(SUZUNA),radish(SUZUSHIRO) Hmmm, some of them are very rare and […]

Happy holidays!!

It’s Christmas today! Are you enjoying this holiday season?? : )   I wondered about , in which era Japanese started celebrating Christams ? Hmmmn, that is interesting to know.. After visitng few websites, I came up with the information that 1900 A.D. was the year Meiji-Ya(pastry shop)  established their shop in Ginza, and Christmas-generated business has begun.                           We are happy to tell you, Sakura House offers Special discounts for you as Christmas gifts! 【Winter Recommendations】※rent  8%-15% OFF http://www.sakura-house.com/en/campaign I hope you all like our gifts! (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ Save your rent and you can buy something good for your own. ; )   We only […]

Let’s pronouce together ♪ Bo-Nen-Kai ♪

Hi, this is Kamisaki-desu. : ) So,  It is December already. Japanese people really like to enjoy different season separetely. The season around end of December is called 、Shiwasu[師走]. Isn’ it weird to find the letter ‘走 ‘(=run) to express the season ?? That is because, around end of December,  people are very busy because we try to finish and clear up all the things that has to be done by end of the year, and needs to rush and run sometimes. You got it ??   Japan has 4 four distinct seasons and we love to enjoy the each season.   And now,  let’s move on to our title, ‘Bo-Nen-Kai’. How we write is,,   `忘(Bo) 年(Nen) 会(Kai)  as the word says, that […]

Why not enjoy Sumo Tournament ??

Some of you might know alredy, if we say ‘Sumo’, that means ‘regular sumo tournament’, which has 15 bouts / per wrestler in 15days. Usuallly,  6 regular sumo tournament in a year. There are no doubt regular sumo tournament is the most important, and worthwhile for all Sumo wrestlers. But on the otherhand, we have one-shot deal ‘Sumo Tournament’  once in every February. This ‘Sumo Tournament’ could be more attractive, and  deserves to view for us, becase we can enjoy some shows and attractions during the tournament. : ) We have ‘Sumo Tournament’ coming next on 10th of Feb. 2013, so why not enjoy the  ‘one-shot thing’ Sumo Tournament for once ?? We have […]

Counter Measures Against Disasters Tour on 18th of Nov

Collaborating with Tokyo City Guide Club, 7 of Sakura House Residents visited Tokyo Metropolitan National Disaster center in Kita-ward. It was nice chance to learn more about how to protect yourself and your friends at the time of a disaster !! Displaying the condition of the room after the huge earthquake.  Can you imagine how bad these are ?? (><) We experienced three different earthquake we had before in Japan using the ‘earthquake Machine’ !  One is  Great Kanto earthquake in 1st of Sep, 1923, Great Hanshin Earthquake in 17th of Jan. 1995 and the other is 3.11 earthquake last year.   We realized all those three earthquakes differes at the point in […]

Sakura Meetup! Lunch and Jidai Matsuri in Tokyo (Sakura House Staff Blog)

Sakura Meetup! Lunch and Jidai Matsuri in Tokyo (Sakura House Staff Blog)

We had a group meet up organized by some lovely people from Sakura House ! They are all previous Sakura House Residents, so we can say Sakura House alumni reunion : ) Everyone arrived at Sakura Hostel Asakusa for lunch! We decided to get Monjyayaki and headed for Sometarou. Once we got to the restaurant we realized that it’s a very popular restaurant in Asakusa! We had to line up so instead we decided to get something quick and yummy near the Jidai Matsuri as it was going to start at 1pm and we were running out of time. We decided to eat Tempura at Tenya which was right next […]

“Event info” How about learning more about how to protect yourself at the time of a disaster ?

Hello everyone. Staying in Share house in Tokyo is always fun and good experience.  Because rather than living on your own, you can share your informations and good opportunity to find your best friend. But I beleive most of you don’t know much about “How you should act at the time of fire, earthquake or any other disasters” But here we have a good news for you, Sakura House is arranging a tour at Kita-Ku’s Disaster center. How about learning more about how to protect yourself and oyur friends at the time of a disaster ?? When: November 18th   9:00 a.m.  –  12:00 p.m. Meeting place : Nishigahara Station (Tokyo Metro Subway Namboku line) contact & reservation : please e-mail […]

=New Staff Introduction=

Hello everyone! This is Leo I am from Taiwan! I started to work at Sakura house on 10/11 Everything is new to me and unfamiliar, but I will try my best to learn asap Also find a best room just for you. I dance salsa too! If there is any salsa dancers please contact me! Leo Kaku