Autumn on one side. Winter on the other side.

Due to the global warming, you can still enjoy fall foliage even in the beginning of December here in Tokyo. Along this Zenpukuji river in Minami-Asagaya area, there is a promenade you can walk on and enjoy every seasonal thing. Those bare trees on the left side of the river are cherry trees and in spring, they all bloom like insane. This is a hidden treasure kind of spot, where only local people know and you may like it the way more than those famous touristy places.   Please check out the one of the apartment we have, which is very close to this river. SAKURA  HOUSE MINAMI-ASAGAYA



We’ll have a special event during your stay. It’s “Nakano Broadway Walking Tour”. Godzilla dolls, Gundam toys, thousands of comics and 8 flavored ice creams, that’s what awaits you at Nakano Broadway! Join the event and experience the sanctuary of OTAKU! Please check the details and sign up now! (Limited to the first 20 people) *This is a free event but individual expenses are Not included. Date: 29th Nov 2015, Sunday Meeting Time and Place : 11:45 AM( Sakura Hotel Hatagaya)or 12:30 PM(Nakano station North exit) Breaking Up Time: 4:00 PM *We’ll start with a light lunch for a bakery and conveyor belt sushi. Also for those interested, we can […]

“SHOGI” Japanese chess.

Shogi is a Japanese board game played by two players. The object of the game is to capture the opponent’s King. Shogi is played on a nine-by-nine board. The vertical rows are called files, the horizontal ones ranks or just rows. Each player has twenty pieces: one King, two Gold Generals, two Silver Generals, two knights, two Lances, one Rook, one Bishop and nine Pawns. The player moving up the board and making the first move is referred to as black and his opponent white, although in Shogi sets all pieces have the same color. They are differentiated only in direction: pieces pointing away from a player are his. The […]

500yen Geisha Night Show!! 11/27(Fri) 19pm-20pm !!

500yen Geisha Night Show!! 11/27(Fri) 19pm-20pm !!

GEISHA (or geiko in Kyoto dialect) They are professional entertainers who attend guests during meals, banquets and other occasions. They are trained in various traditional Japanese arts, such as dance and music, as well as in the art of communication. Their role is to make guests feel at ease with conversation, drinking games and dance performances. If you are interested in Japan, you might know something about GEISHA. We invites the dancers of Japanese classical dance on 11/27 19:00 pm-20:00 pm at Sakura Hostel Asakusa ! Just  500 yen (including 1 drink) event, do not miss it !! PHOTO GALLERY  :  20151028 Geisha Night Show   Did you know that there is […]

Japanese new year card “NENGAJO”

New year’s is a very  special holiday in Japan. It’s probably the biggest item on the calendar of annual events. There used to be a custom of calling on relatives, neighbors, and those who bestowed kindness over the preceding year during the first few days of the new year. But after the post office began issuing postcards in the Meiji period (1868 – 1912), people began sending “NENGAJO” instead as a form of greeting. The post office started a service whereby  it delivered “NENGAJO” on January 1st if they were posted by a certain date in December. Postcards carrying lottery numbers went on sale in 1949, with the holders of […]

Enjoy “YAKITORI” !!

YAKITORI are grilled chicken skewers made from bite sized pieces of meat from all different parts of the chicken, such as the breasts, skin, thighs, liver and other innards. Usually made to order and cooked over charcoal, yakitori is a popular, inexpensive dish commonly enjoyed together with a glass of beer. Popular Yakitori NEGIMA NEGIMA is one of the most popular types of yakitori and consists of pieces of chicken (usually thigh meat) skewered with pieces of leek in between.   MOMO MOMO  refers to the thigh meat, so momo skewers are made up of pieces of chicken thigh.   TSUKUNE TSUKUNE are meatballs made of minced chicken, egg, vegetables and spices. They […]

International FUTSAL game on 10/25(SUN) 13:00pm-16:00pm @ Kugayama ! Feel free to join us!

International FUTSAL game on 10/25(SUN) 13:00pm-16:00pm @ Kugayama ! Feel free to join us!

We (SAKURA HOUSE) have FUTSAL game on 10/25(SUN), 13: 00 pm -16 : 00 pm @ Kugayama!! Meeting spot :12 : 30 pm Kugayama Station Beginners, ladies, everybody feel free to join us! Let’s enjoy play together!! E-mail :  in[email protected]   Did you know that there is Sakura House close to KUGAYAMA? KUNITACHI KICHIJOJI If you are interested in the building, please feel free to contact at 03-5330-5250!!


A great way to save money. Internet cafes are a great way to stay a night or two in a central area. Probably much comfier than what you are used to back home, they are often the best way to stay the night downtown. They are also great if you have missed your last train. Staying the night at an internet cafe is easy. Pictures menus show what is available and there is usually an English translation to help. These internet cafes are always very quiet and clean. You can have your own little booth, just sleep in a chair or sometimes use a private room. Usually with a shower […]


Japan is an earthquake-prone country. Be prepared and don’t panic when it happens! Check your emergency survival kit regularly to see if the food is outdated or any items are missing so that the kit is usable when it’s needed.

The most popular car in Japan is the Kei-car.

The most popular car in Japan is the Kei-car. The Kei-car is one of the genrestypes of  cars. Kei means that it is light. The standard of the Kei-car is determined by a law. Size of engine is set up to  660 cc. Full length is up to 339 cm. Overall width is up to 147cm. This standard is unique to Japan.   A tax break is also given, So As a result, the share of the Kei-car is 40% in Japan. Enjoy K-Car !!