Belgian Beer Weekend 2016

Konnichiwa minna-san, From May, 19th to May, 22nd, you will a Belgian Beer Weekend 2016 in Yokohama !! ‘Belgian Beer Weekend’ traditionally takes place the first weekend of September at the ‘Grand Place’ in Brussels, and it made its international debut in Japan in 2010. The ‘Belgian Beer Weekend’ is Japan’s finest beer event, returning to Yokohama for the 4th time with 115 different Belgian beers! The opening hours are as follow : 19 May 16:00 – 21:00 (last order 20:30) 20 – 22 May 11:00 – 21:00 (last order 20:30) And if you are not familiar with Yokohama, why not make a detour by Chinatown !

Day out : Ashikaga Flower Park

Konnichiwa minna-san, You are in Japan in May, are a tourist or have some free days away from school or work? Here is a day out idea Ashikaga Flower Park is a park know for its hanging wisterias dating from 1870. Apart from hanging wisterias, the park has 9 flower gardens all with different seasons. And during the winter, the park offers a light show! The park is around 70 away from Tokyo by train and the closest station is Tomita’s one

Tiny houses

Konnichiwa minna-san, May you already heard about term tiny house. As their name indicates it, tiny houses are very small houses where things are organized the better as possible and furnished to be as comfortable as possible. In a country like Japan where 80 million people live on 3% of the territory, and buildings can only get tall to a certain point, tiny houses might be a good solution to counter a space problem!

The shopping experience in Japan

Konnichiwa minna-san Different countries mean differences in many areas. Even something as trivial as shopping. I am someone who enjoys shopping alone, listening to music, not talking to anyone, and basically not getting disturbed. While, in my country, I can just send away the undesirable salesperson with a “I’m just looking around, thank you”, this is not really something that works in Japan. The salesperson in Japanese will come to you once you show a bit more interest  in a specific product, they will come to you and explain how to use the product, say the clothes looks really cute and also compliment you! Also, trying out clothes is bit […]

Capsule hotels… for women

Konnichiwa minna-san, You probably already heard about them : capsule hotels! They are little boxes in which you can spend the night. You have enough space to sit up but definitely not stand up, a bed and a TV and shower are shared ! A lot of capsule hotels are reserved to men and salarymen go there to be fresh the next day after a night out drinking rather than going back home, often situated more than 30 minutes by train  from there workplace! Now, Miss and Mrs., a capsule hotel especially made for women opened its door in Shibuya and one night is less than 40 dollars and as […]

Dogs and puppies!

Konnichiwa minna-san, A recent discovery of puppies bodies dating back 12,460 years will bring us new information about dogs A new theory is that wolves were not only domesticated by men but themselves approached men in order to get food. Which somehow brings us to dogs in Tokyo ! Tokyo apartments are very small so having a big dog is hard. That is why a lot of people who have dogs here can carry them in their bags! Also, kids call dogs wan-chan as wan is the onomatopoeia for the sound of a dog barking. So what are the most popular breed in Japan? 1. Dachshund 2. Chihuahua 3. Toy […]

300 bar NEXT event !!

Konnichiwa minna-san You are looking for something to do this weekend? Our sister company, 300 bar is organizing at event for Yayoi, the arrival of the Spring!! On March, 26th and April, 27th The 300 bar NEXT is in front of the imperial hotel and there you can get quality cocktails from 300 yen!! And even some Japanese dishes if you do not want to only drink . There you can also enjoy a nice Japanese atmosphere! So, why not checking it out this weekend ? “ 300BAR NEXT ” 〒100-0006 TOKYO CHIYODA-KU YURAKUCHO 1-2-14 MRASAKI BLDG B1 Mon – Thu 17:00 – 2:00 Fri・Sat・Day Before Holiday 17:00 – 4:00 Sun & Holiday […]

Substitution holiday in Japan

Konnichiwa minna-san Sunday was the first day of Spring and for some reason that I have yet to discover, Spring Equinox is a holiday in Japan! However it was a Sunday, which mean most people were already on holday at that time. Japan might not be the only country to do so, but when the holiday falls on a Sunday, the next day will be a holiday as a substitution. So, people can actually enjoy having a day off of school or work. So, this week, Monday was actually a holiday ! And you, do your country has substitute holiday or if the holiday falls on a Sunday, are you […]

Going to the doctor in Japan

Konnichiwa minna-san Your staff is testing various thing for you and recently they even tried going to the doctor in Japan!   So, in Tokyo, when you go to the doctor, you usually go to the clinic or the hospital. To me, it sounds dramatic and like some place you should go to only if you have something very bad, but here, it is normal!! So first, they ask you to fill out a form with your symptoms and then you wait until they call you and ask you to go to a specific consultation room. There, the doctor will ask you once again to explain your symptoms and a […]

Tokyo Trolley – Setagaya Line

Living or travelling, in Tokyo, you might be use to a few transportation means such as the train, the metro or even the taxi. But a more unusual way of going to a place to another in Tokyo is the trolley. Setagaya line offers this quite unique experience when you live in Tokyo. You can ride the Setagaya line from Sangenjaya, which is just a few stops away from Shibuya!     Sakura House has premises around the Setagaya line:   -SETAGAYA UMEGAOKA SETAGAYA KAMIMACHI SANGENJAYA D SANGENJAYA E