One of the closest share houses to Shinjuku : Nakano Shinbashi

Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of our share houses in Nakano!

1Ameyoko(Ameya Yokocho) Ueno, Okachimachi, Uguisudani area

Last week I went to Ameyoko in Ueno- Okachimachi after a long interval. There are a lot of shops there. I took those pictures at 9:50 am on weekday,  the most of shops open at 10:00am though. You will find whatever you want to buy. The street is full of people every weekend. Here is official site for Ameyoko. We have share houses and an apartment near there. Please check them. Sakura House Akihabara Monterosa Sakura House Uguisudani A Sakura House Uguisudani B Sakura House Asakusa Iriya Sakura House Asakusa Kuramae

Ikebukuro Sunshine

Hello! How are you today? Have you ever been to Ikebukuro? Speaking of Ikebukuro,  most people think of Ikebukuro Sunshine City. In Ikebukuro Sunshine City, there are many shops, an aquarium, a planetarium, an amusement park” Namja Town”, a cinema complex. You can spend any amount of time there. Besides Ikebukuro Sunshine City, There are departments “Seibu”, “Tobu”, ” Tokyu Hands”etc.. in Ikebukuro. There meut be more spots to see at Ikebukuro, how about finding your Ikebukuro? There are many apartments and share houses of Sakura House in Ikebukuro area. Sakura House Ikebukuro Sunchine City Sakura House Higashi Nagasaki B Sakua House Higashi Nagasaki Teracce

[ASAKUSA] Let’s Experience New Year’s Day in JAPAN!(サクラホステル浅草宿泊者限定 staying guests in Sakura Hostel Asakusa only.)

[ASAKUSA] Let’s Experience New Year’s Day in JAPAN!(サクラホステル浅草宿泊者限定 staying guests in Sakura Hostel Asakusa only.)

Day : 2016/ Jan / 01(Fri) from PM 01:00 to PM 03:00 Fee : JPY 1,000 (Tax included) Do you know how Japanese people spend a New Year’s Day? You can experience it through this activity. “Let’s Experience New Year’s Day in JAPAN!” Date & Time: January 1st, 2016 (Fri), 13:00PM-15:00PM Meeting Place: SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA Admission: 1,000 YEN (Incl. New Year’s Special Lunch) ★Plan of the Activity★ – Tasting a special New Year’s dish called “Zoni”(a soup with rice cake) & Osechi (Assortment of Seasonal Food) – Playing the Japanese traditional games – Going visit the shrine to pray our health and peace in 2016 There will be no […]

Eifukucho station

When I went to Eifukucho station the other day, I noticed that you could go to the roof of the station. I took some photos of the garden. If you have any chance to go to Eifukucho,  please go and see the garden.

Koishikawa korakuen garden&Kagurazaka tour with TCGC

【Date】 December 6th (Sun) 12:30-15:00 【The contents of this tour】 ・We are going to see the red and yellow leaves of autumn in Koishikawa Korakuen park. ・We are going to watch the traditional performance art, “Edo takagura ” which has been inherited from Edo time. ・Move to Kakurazaka to visit Zenkokuji. We are going to stroll around the back streets where remain something of old days and enjoy its local food. Blog about this event↓ 【Meeting up place】 choose one place out of the three places ・Sakura hotel ASAKUSA at 11:45 ・Sakura hotel ikebukuro at 12:00 ・Koishikawa Korakuen entrance at 12:30 【Break up place】 At Bishamonten Saien Temple in […]

Tokyo Daibutsu

Hello! How are you today? If  you are in Japan, you might go to Nara or Kamakura for Daibutsu watching. However, what if you find Daibutsu in Tokyo? The thrid biggest Daibutsu in Japan is at Jorenji temple (乗蓮寺) in Itabashi ward ! The daibutsu is  called Tokyo Daibutsu (東京大仏). You can walk to Jorenji temple from Nishitakashimadaira station in Toei Mita line. Why not go see Tokyo Daibutsu if you are interested in Daibutsu and you do not like long trip! There are  also Sakura House accomodation in Itabashi ward. Please check it out as well! Itabashi Motohasunuma Itabashi Hasune ” Aloe Heights”

DESIGN FESTA vol.42 in Tokyo Big Sight

DESIGN FESTA vol.42 in Tokyo Big Sight

Design Festa is Asia’s largest art event with around 50,000 visitors and 10,000 artists in just 2 days! The event itself is located in the exhibition halls of Tokyo Big Sight on the entertainment island of Odaiba, one of Tokyo’s most popular spots. Visit the Design Festa website to get more info! DESIGN FESTA vol. 42 [Date] November 21th & 22nd (Saturday and Sunday) [Time] Both days from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM [Location] TOKYO BIG SIGHT [MAP] [Ticket (In Advance)] 1 Day Pass: 800 yen 2 Day Pass: 1500 yen Attending this event E-mail : [email protected]

[ASAKUSA] Japanese Calligraphy Workshop (宿泊者限定 Hotel/House guests only)

Come experience 書道 (Shodo: calligraphy) ! The volunteer teachers will kindly teach you. You can learn your names in Kanji (Chinese/Japanese characters) with authentic ink and papers. Why don’t you come try it!! [Date & Time] 18:00-19:00, November 15th, 2015 [Location] SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA [Admission] FREE ADMISSION!!! * No appointment necessary. * Please come to SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA by 6 PM. Attending this event E-mail : [email protected] TEL : 03-3847-8111

Komazawa Olympic Park

Hello ! How are you today? Have you ever been to Komazawa Olymlpic Park? Komazawa Olympic Park was used for Tokyo Olympic in 1964. At the park , you can play soccer, basketball, tennis, or  jog, swim, so on. How about visiting there to refresh sometimes? We have some share houses and apartments around Komazawa Olympic Park. Komazawa Daigaku Setagaya Shoin jinjamae Setagaya Kamimachi Apartment