Join Our Horse Racing and Cocktail Tour in Fuchu!

Join Our Horse Racing and Cocktail Tour in Fuchu!

Join us for day of watching the horse races from the Horse Owners Seats at Tokyo Racecourse and cocktails at the Hotel Continental Fuchu.

Monozukuri – A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques 2018

Monozukuri – A Celebration of Japanese Artisanal Techniques 2018

Monozukuri EXPO 2018 @ TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FORUM (東京国際フォーラム) (Yuurakucho) Hall E – Rediscover Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship and Culture! – Observe Takumi (craftsmen) at work, and try your hand at Monozukuri (making things)! [Flyer] [Website] This event features traditional craftsmanship, which has played an important part in the development of Japan, as well as showcases the wonders of cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Don’t miss this opportunity to see and experience first-hand excellent craftsmanship in the fields of “i (clothing),” “shoku (food),” “ju (living),” and “kou (manufacturing).” [Date] August 10th (Friday) *It’s 3-day Expo (8th, 9th and 10th of August) and we will be visiting there on the final day! [Time] […]

The Coolest Bar in the Ginza

Play GO at the Coolest Bar in the Ginza!

[November 19th (Saturday)] Play GO at the Coolest Bar in the GINZA! Learn to play GO, the Japanese board game, at IGO Holdings’ “StandupIGO” party, the only GO/IGO party anywhere in which participants face each other standing up! The “StandupIGO” party will be held at 300BAR NEXT, the coolest bar in the Ginza, a bar with no chairs or benches. Have fun playing GO in the NEXT’s COOL atmosphere. It is an event that focuses not only on GO, but also on socializing! It’s a great opportunity to meet people! [Time & Date] Saturday, 19th November, 2016 1:30 P.M. – 4:30 P.M. – Beginners welcome! SAKURA HOUSE staff will also […]

Hiwatari “Fire” Matsuri

Good evenign minna-san, how are you? March is started, but still outside temperature is a bit cold. Which is the problem? Hiwatari Matsuri at Mount Takao is the perfect solution! Held every year on the second sunday of March, this “fire walking festival” is originally a kind of purification ceremony (japanese call it “ogoma”), and it`s just a part of the training path of “Shugendo” (an ancient and unique religion in Japan) followers. During this particular ceremony, they prepare a huge fire and perform a ritual process, through which they pray for peace and good health. But the “spectacular” part of it comes at the end, when the barefooted monks […]

Noh Theater

Good afternoon minna-san. Have you ever experienced the Noh Teater? We of Sakura House sometimes organize a related event, that every time surprises the participants, who can enjoy an unique japanese tradition. But what is Noh Theater? The Noh started in Japan in the 14th century. This kind of theater, unlike the “popular” Kabuki, presupposed a high-level culture to be understood, and its texts were constructed so as to be freely interpreted by the viewer. It is characterized by a certain slowness and by the use of characteristic masks. The scene is very simple and empty, except for the “kagami-ita”, a painting of a pine, built on a wooden panel […]

Today let`s talk about the JR Pass…

Hello minna-san, how are you? Today let`s talk about the JR Pass… Many people ask me if it is convenient or not to do it. Well, it depends from the travel you are planning to do. The pass is convenient if you are planning to visit different places in Japan that are far one from each other. For example, at least if you wanna travel from Tokyo to Kyoto and come back, or do expensive excursions like Hiroshima. On the contrary, it`s not good if you are just planning to stay in Tokyo and visit surroundings. This ticket can be valid for 7, 14, or 21 days, and it allows […]

All about “Sakura”

Good morning everybody! Today let`s talk about Sakura, the national japanese tree that also gives the name to our company! You cannot imagine how many times non-japanese people asked me: “Which kind of tree is Sakura?” Well, the answer is not so easy… In japanese language, sakura is the term used to indicate the ornamental cherry blossom trees and their blossoms. But a cherry blossom could be intended as the flower of several kinds of prunus trees. The majority of the varieties that we can see all around have been cultivated for an ornamental use only, and they don`t produce any fruit. Edible cherries usually come from different species of […]

Hama Rikyu Gardens

Good morning minna-san, This is Simone writing, i hope you are all well! Finally spring is coming fast, and with it is also coming the time of hanami. All around Tokyo there are many beautiful spots where you can enjoy this amazing show of the nature: city parks, riversides, and other unespected places, as sakura trees are nearly everywhere. One of my favourite ones are for sure the Hama Rikyu Gardens! This large, attractive landscape garden is located in central Tokyo, but it`s not so popular among tourists as Yoyogi Koen or Shinjuku Gyoen could be. Placed alongside Tokyo Bay, Hama Rikyu features seawater ponds which change level with the […]

A beer in the sky

Hello minna-san, i hope you all are fine! This is Simone here, and this is my first post on our Staff`s Blog, so i would like to talk you about something i really care: beer! Certainly one of the most enjoyable aspects of life in Japan is the local beer. The Japanese are masters in the art of brewing, and in Tokyo, as in the farest periphery, you can taste dozens of excellent beers of all types and brands. Every night in thousands of izakaya million people, local and foreign, meet after a hard day of work or study. And no matter what their topic of conversation, sports, gossip, or […]