Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!! How did you spend new year’s holidays? At Sakura House office, during the new year’s day from 1st to 3rd, we are offering Otoso (Japanese Sake for new year). If you have chance to pass by Shinjuku, please stop by our office! Yesterday we had an awsome event in Tokyo Kokusai Forum. Some of our résidents became models of Junihitoe (12 layered kimono for ladies) in the event! They were so beautiful!!!! We have many event through a year in Sakura Group. We are looking forward to seeing you in a event in near future !! We wish all of you a very happy new […]

EASY Room Transfer process!

Already staying with one of the Sakura House premises but searching for new room, even private apartment for a change because of your school/job location has been changed or just simply want to re-start or refresh yourself in new location?Sakura House offer you a simple step of “room transferring” for current resident staying with us from over 110 locations 1100 rooms all around Tokyo.  -First, Find the perfect location from our web-page, or contact us to find the best room which meet your needs! -Second, Make a reservation through our website and arrange the date of moving and all paperworks. The deposit of 20,000 yen will be necessary but your […]

Shuji and Walking tour around Meiji Shrine

We are very excited to invite you to our walking tour planned on one of the dates you will be at Sakura House / Hotel / Hostel. [[[ Shuji and Walking around Meiji Shrine ]]] Make your own Hand Writing Souvenir using Calligraphy , (Japanese Brush Writing (Shuji)) Write your favorite Chinese character by Japanese Brush Writing (Shuji). Chinese character written artistically remains a traditional part of Japan’s culture. Pick one out of prepared Chinese characters more than 20 samples, write it on Signature board by Shuji. Volunteer staffs help you to write the selected Chinese character using Brush and Ink. Meiji Shrine is the Shinto shrine that is dedicated to […]

Why don’t you spend your New year’s holidays in Kyoto

Hello! Now we are in the middle of December and the new year’s holidays are just around the corner!! What is your plan?? How about visiting Kyoto? We Sakura House have a beautiful Machiya Traditional style house in Kyoto. There is a concierge on spot as well!! The nearest station is Imadegawa, very close to the Imperial palace. This area is very famous from Nishijin texture. It will be a wonderful experience to welcome New year’s dy in such a traditional place. This is how the house look like! The house has a beautiful garden inside the house. Interior is renovated and modern! This SAKURA HOUSE KYOTO is available from […]

New staff in Sakura House team!

Hello everyone! This is Shino from the Resident Relations team. How are you doing? From December 1st, we have welcomed new staff in our team! Her name is “HWANG Hyunsun” and she is Korean. We haven’t had Korean speaking staff for several months in Sakura House Sales team. We are really happy to welcome her. She speaks Japanese very good as well. She is looking forward to seeing you at the office!

*Koishikawa Korakuen Garden Walking Tour by Tokyo City Guide Club*

Would you like to go to see the beautiful autumn leaves?? Why don’t you come to join this tour with us!? *Koishikawa Korakuen Garden Walking Tour by Tokyo City Guide Club* We are going to see the red and yellow leaves of autumn in Koishikawa Korakuen park. Then going to watch the traditional performance art, “Edo takagura ” which has been inherited from Edo time. Date: December 4th (Sun) Time:Tour start 13:00 to 15:30 Meeting up: Please choose one place out of the three places 1.Sakura hotel ikebukuro at 12:20 2.Sakura hotel ASAKUSA at 11:50 3.Sakura hotel Jimbocho at 12:30 4.Tokyo Metro Iidabashi station A1 exit (the ground)13:00 The expenses: […]

Amazing student dormitory in Tabata

Hello everyone! Are you looking for an affordable place to stay?? Are you student in your home country or in Japan?? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to stay in our student dormitory in TABATA!! The monthly rent is only 35,000 yen and all utility fee and internet access are included. The dormitory is located only 10 minutes away from JR Tabata station, along JR Yamanote line. Around the dormitory, there are many restaurants, convenience stores, a super market and a big farmacy. This dormitory has just opened in the beginning of October and everything inside is brand new!!! Please take a look the pictures I took today in the […]

Jewellumination at Yomiuri Land

Hello everyone! The weather is changing and getting colder day by day. Every autumn and winter season, I visit Yomiuri Land with my family. It’s located along Keio Line and it only takes 22 minutes by Keio line from Shinjuku. This year from October 14th, they started light ups in this atraction park! I’ve heard that it is one of the best light ups in kanto area. I will be absolutely visiting here very soon but for now I don’t have their beautiful light ups pictures. I share some picture from their Facebook!! Please visit there with your family or with friends!! The park is open till 20:30 for now. […]

Geisha Night Show @Asakusa on October 27th

Hello everyone! Good new for those who are interested in Japanese Geisha. Our next Geisha Night show will be held on 27th Oct. Here below please find the details information: ★Geisha Night Show★ Date & Time: October 27h, 2016(Thu.) 7:00AM-8:00PM Meeting Places : Sakura Hostel Asakusa Fee:500yen for Sakura hotel & hostel residents (1 drink including) 1000yen for non residents (1 drink including) Only 20 seats are waiting for your application ,please do not miss this chance and join us. To sign up for the event, send us an e-mail with the following info. 1. Name 2. Sakura House Name / Sakura Hotel & Hostel’s Name & Check-in Date […]

Tabata 3 Student Dormitory!!

Good morning everyone! How are you doing?? Yesterday was very hot and it was like mid summer, 32℃ in Tokyo!! By the way as you may already know, Sakura House has opened Student Dormitory in Tabata on October 1st! It’s new challenge for us to manage such a big student dormitory. We are really excited for this opportunity. On October 1st, I met Sabrina from US. She came to our office looking for an accommodation while studying in a Japanese language school. I talked her about our brand new opened student dormitory and she was so happy. I went to show her the dorm together and she was really excited […]