Room Transfer Procedure

Hello minna-san, how are you? Are you already residing in one of our premises? Your school or job`s location has been changed, or you just simply want to refresh yourself in a new location? Well.. Maybe you didn`t know it, but Sakura House offers you a simple step of “room transferring” in case you are [...]

The Japanese Venice

Good evening minna-san! Which are your favorite spots to visit when traveling? Do you prefer the hyper-crowded places mentioned in every tourist guide, or maybe the hidden destinations without crowds of tourists? In my very personal opinion, the second ones are always the best! Well, recently i discovered that in Japan’s Kyoto Prefecture there is [...]

A trip to Enoshima

Good morning minna-san, how are you? Today let`s talk about sightseeing… Who among us does not like to take a ride out of town, being able to take advantage of a day off? Well, one of my favourite spots around Tokyo is for sue Enoshima Island! Enoshima island is a pleasant and well-known touristic spot [...]

Yayoi Festival in Nikko

Hello minna-san, Are you looking for something special to do for the next weekend? Well, it`s almost late April, and spring allows us to attend to many beautiful open-air events. The one i wanna talk you about today is the Yayoi Masturi, which takes place in the wonderful setting of Nikko, not too far from [...]

Bowing in Japan

Good afternoon minna-san! I hope you all are having a good sunday. As weather is getting better, the days longer, and spring air makes you wanna have more (!) fun than usual… But sometimes we also need to be serious unfortunately. So, today i wanna talk to you about something that can be really useful [...]

Japan Curiosities…

Good evening minna-san, So you are finally living in Japan. Or maybe not, but you have a great passion for this country, and you studied almost everything about its culture and habits. Well, what is great of Japan, is that even when you think to know everything, you are wrong! Here is a list of [...]

Shibazakura Hill

Hello minna-san! In less than a week winter will be (finally!) finished, and little by little everyone will seem to be crazy for flowers: cherry blossoms will be everywhere, parks will be very soon full of people eating, drinking, or just enjoying the hanami, and several theme parties will be planned all around the city. [...]

Dining with daredevils… The “fugu” experience

Dining with daredevils… The “fugu” experience

Hello minna-san! How are you? Today let`s talk about food, and more precisely about a japanese specialty: fugu! There are many dishes in asian countries that, expecially for a “western” person, require a certain amount of courage. But probably the pufferfish is the one that beats all in this special contest. Actually the deadly fugu, [...]

A trip in Fuchu

A trip in Fuchu

Hello minna-san! How are you? Today i wanna talk to you about an area of Tokyo that is maybe less “touristic”, but that has many amazing attractions to see and do, and that is rapidly increasing in foreign tourists choices: Fuchu. Fuchu city is located in the western part of the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. [...]

Who goes slow goes far…

Who goes slow goes far…

Hello minna-san! How are you? As every huge city, also Tokyo is a very fast one. People are often in rush: we walk fast to work, we push each other at the train stop, we fight for the first available taxi… But there is a company that since a few years decided to help people [...]