Living close to Ikebukuro for only 48.000 Yen a month?! Welcome to Sakura House!

When we come to Japan, we are expecting unique things can not be found somewhere else. Such as Cat rest Cafe, Owl Cafe and even Penguin bar…! There is also Evangelion Store, to be honest this place is amazing for a big addict such as me! As we know hotels are expensive, especially in central Tokyo such as Ikebukuro. Therefore you are asking yourself, how to stay in central Tokyo AKA Ikebukuro with low budget? Even with less than…..50.000 Yen a month for accomodation place?! We understand that! Therefore check our beautiful accomodation place in Higashi Nagasaki Moreover we have many bilingual staffs able to help you enjoy our vacation in […]


Christmas is coming…. New Year is near….. I am sure you’re ready for your Tokyo vacation with your friends and family, aren’t you? Then you guys should check one of our favourite accomodations, Sendagaya Annex 3 Link: Here are some interesting facts about it : -It is a new building, built in 2016 -We also have Japanese style room! -The minimum stay is only three days -Located in decent area. You can even walk in short time to reach Shibuya and Shinjuku! Sendagaya Annex 3 will surely make your trip in Tokyo with family and friends unforgettable! Please let us know if you are interested, we are waitting : D

Air Show in Iruma

Did you go to the Air Show in Iruma, Saitama? Every November 3rd, Cultural Day Japan, They have this Air Show. It was so crowded around the base. So we went to a park nearby. It was bit windy but perfect day for Air Show. So exciting!! I admire those pilots who do excellent job!!

Hurry up! Let’s go! The fair will end tomorrow!

The Zambian fair in the hotel continental Fuchu was very successful so it extended until tomorrow. So if you still haven’t visited, please don’t miss it!! The first Zambian food fair in Japan:) After meal, please  don’t forget the desert!!! The butter cream is amazing!! Yummy:) The organizer, Chipa! Great job!!!

Typhoon is hitting now

Typhoon is hitting to Kanto area(Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba etc) now. It is still just a beginning, main one is coming about after one hour lunch time,,, It affects transportation, many flights are delayed. I’m worried some new residents who are coming to our office. And also current residents who are coming to our office for rent payment, and our maintenance staff, and sales staff who are going for room viewing,,, Ahhhhhhh I’m worried about everybody!! Please be careful!! I’m hoping to see rainbow after typhoon. The pic below is the one I saw after previous tyhoon the other day.

The restaurant of Woman Divers

Hello!! I went to Mie prefecture and had lunch at woman diver’s restaurant. Woman diver is called AMA-san,  they dive without air bottles. Those dishes don’t really have any taste of spices. I could taste only sea salt and bit of soy sauce, very natural!! Mie prefecture, Ise area is famous for AMA-san. If you visit there, I recommend you to eat great seafood at AMA-san’s restaurant:)

Japanese school bag : RANDOSERU

I cannot say 100% of elementary school kids have the RANDOSERU but I can say most of elementary school kids have the lethar bag, RANDOSERU. I’m wondering why RANDOSERU? Can’t they just use normal book bag??? I searched and found some reasons. -Very strong, so it doesn’t break for all elementary school years, 6 years -It supports children when they fall down, it becomes like a cushion. -Text books won’t be bended But I still think,,,,,, it doesn’t have to be RANDOSERU. Avarage 40,000 – 50,000 yen Quite expensive. ‎Advance purchase discount started recently. I had to run as my girl is going to elementary school next year. I gave […]

Against Japanese Traffic rule Umbrella + Bicycle

I usually wear the sun visor for rainy day while riding bicycle. opening umbrella while riding bicycle is against Japanese Traffic Rule. That’s true,,, If I hold the umbrella, I lose balance and it is dangerous to ride a bicycle with one hand only. It takes like 30 mins to walk from my house to my nearest station. So I really need bicycle. And my friend recommended me to buy the sun visor. I couldn’t stop laughing when I wore it for the first time as I looked like a robot!! But when I actually used it for the first time in rainy day… GREAT!! heavy rain OK!! no make […]

Sweet Sweet Indian Sweets

A family came from India and stayed in my house for 3 days. They brought a gift for us. My favorite Patisa( pic below ) – know as Soan Papdi. I really don’t know how to make. I heard it is made by bean powder. When I put in my mouth, it melts right away. Pini ( pic below ) The lady in the Indian family made by herself. It is also made with bean powder. Mixed with nuts. Both of them are sooooo yummy!!! When I had Indian sweets for the first time, it was too sweet for me. But now…… I don’t mind:) Traditionally in Japan, we have […]

Japanese Vegetarian Dish

A family from India came to Japan. If they stay in Tokyo, I wanted to offer Sakura House reasonable vacation rental. But they stay in SAITAMA, so i offered my house to stay. They are strict vegetarian. No eggs also of course. I was thinking what to cook for them. I had to be careful with meat product. A lot of Japanese food items contain meat essence. I decided to make vegetable Croquette. Croquette is typical Japanese food even though the name doesn’t sound like Japanese. We usually put minced meat but this time, vegetable only. I mashed boiled potatoes and mixed with stair fried corns, minced carrot and […]