Health check

Health Check ?? If you work for a company in Japan you will be required to have an annual health check. A standard health check includes, heart rate, blood pressure, eyesight, urine test, chest X-ray and blood test. Those over 30 will also have a gastroendoscopy while women will also have a breast cancer test. Those who would like to have a more thorough medical checkup will have a full ‘ningen dokku’ which involves a whole day of tests.

Christmas in Japan

Christmas gets bigger every year in Japan. From the start of December Christmas decorations appear in towns and cities throughout the country while on TV December brings lots of commercials for Christmas cake and KFC, which is popular to eat at this time of year. Christmas Eve is a time for romance and many people go on a date with their partner. It’s popular to visit the local Christmas illuminations together and have Christmas cake, which in Japan is usually a strawberry sponge cake with lots of cream.

Secondhand Camera store

Camera store There are lots of great second hand camera stores in Tokyo that have a huge variety of digital and film cameras and lenses. People tend to look after their cameras well in Japan so second hand cameras are usually in such good condition they often look brand new! Here is a selection of our favorite second hand camera stores: Map Camera, Shinjuku マップカメラ 新宿 Why not check it out when you next come to Sakura House office?   Sanko Camera, Gakugei Daigaku 三宝カメラ 学芸大学 They have a wide variety of items and the owner is very helpful and friendly. Fujiya Camera, Nakano  フジヤカメラ 新宿 This is one of the most popular […]

Our daily rate system

Our daily rate system

Did you know that we have a daily rate system?   The minimum period of stay with Sakura House is one month but if you stay, for example, one month and 25 days you would pay for one month and 25 days’ rent, rather than two months’ rent. Similarly, if you stay for one month and ten days the rent would be exactly one month and ten days’ rent. Calculated on a daily rate, our apartments are much cheaper than hotels and hostels. Moreover, they are fully furnished and serviced, and they are great places to make friends!

Koyo season

Before winter comes why not get out tothe mountains or a Japanese garden to enjoy the koyo (autumn leaves)? Here are a couple of spots we recommend: 新宿御苑 (Shinjuku Gyoen) Station : Shinjuku 3 Chome / JR  Shinjuku Station South 明治神宮外苑(Meiji-jingu Gaien) Station : JR Chuo/Sobu Line Shinanomachi Station Sendagaya station Metro  Aoyama-icchome Station   御岳渓谷 (Mitake Keikoku) Station :JR Ome line Mitake station   This is a famous koyo spot. As you can see it’s absolutely stunning at this time of year. Koishikawa Korakuen is a beautiful Japanese garden right in the middle of Tokyo. 小石川後楽園(Koishikawa Korakuen)   This weekend we will do a tour of Koishikawa […]

Photo by Kentaro Ohno 花園神社初詣


How do you spend New Year in your country? In Japan, most people spend New Year with their family and enjoy eating good food and having a few drinks together. On New Year’s Day many people visit the local shrine to pray for health and happiness for the year. Many people relax in front of the television over the New Year. One popular sports programme is the Hakone Ekiden long distance relay race. 21 universities and other selected teams take part in this race which is held over two days. On the first day the teams run from Tokyo to Hakone and on the second day they run back to […]

What kind of telegrams do you have in your country?

What kind of telegrams do you have in your country? In Japan people don’t send telegrams as often as in the past but telegrams are still sent at weddings, on birthdays and at entrance ceremonies. Recently, it has become popular to send Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse dolls along with telegrams. Everyone uses text messages and email to send messages these days but why not send someone special a telegram?

Tobu line

The Tobu line is a 463km private railway line that runs through Tokyo, Saitama,Chiba, and Tochigi. In addition to the train company Tobu owns a large department store and other businesses. The Tobu line connects central Tokyo with Nikko and Kinugawa onsen. If you are taking a long journey on the Tobu line you can reserve luxurious cabins on the “Special Express SPACIA”. If you are going to Nikko you can take the “Special Express SPACIA” from JR Shinjuku or Ikebukuro stations. The following share houses and apartments are located on the Tobu Tojo line. Photo :Kamiitabashi  Share House 上板橋エリア Kamiitabashi area Share house 上板橋エリア kamiitabashi Apartment 朝霞台アパート Asakadai Apartment 小菅 Kosuge Share House 浅草入谷 Asakusa […]


Judo is a martial art originating from Japan where it is a national sport. Today, judo is popular not only in Japan but throughout the world. It is said, for example, that more people practise judo in France than Japan. Photo :Tony Tseng IMG_2479 In Japan police officers are all required to learn judo or kendo as part of their training. Judo used to be a compulsory subject at school in Japan but these days joining a judo club is optional. The Kodokan is the headquarters of the worldwide judo community. Many foreigners come to Japan to study here. The Kodoan is located in Kasuga.  

Rakyo are Japanese pickled onions

Have you tried rakyo before? Rakyo are Japanese pickled onions. They go very well with curry so you may have seen them in curry shops in Japan. Rakyo are normally eaten raw with soy sauce, or pickled in a sweet vinegar. They are similar in colour and shape to shallot onions. In Okinawa they have a different rakyo from the main land called shima rakyo or island rakyo. There are a variety of ways to cook shima rakyo. You can eat it them raw or cook them in the same way as onions. They are very bitter and have a strong smell but they are good for your health. Have […]