Eastern Part of Tokyo.

When you think about Tokyo, you may think about skyscrapers in Shinjuku or busiest intersection in Shibuya. If you are very young, you may think about streets and shops in Shimokitazawa, Koenji, Kichijoji, or Sangenjyaya, which are all in Western part of Tokyo. However, when you watch old Japanese movies, you will probably get to see young kids walking around Ginza or Nihonbashi, which are both in eastern part of Tokyo. Yes. They used to be the center of Tokyo until…1960’s???   Maybe it’s because I am not very young, I much prefer area like Ginza or Hatchobori or, Monzennakacho to Shinjuku or Shibuya. Ginza is not so crowded but […]

Fall Foliage

It feels like yesterday when I was thinking about which beach I should go to… Now, it is time for thinking about where to go see fall foliage.   Fall foliage will begin in Tokyo from early November this year, only one month later! I would love to stay at nice inn in a mountain and enjoy colored leaves falling on the water when taking a bath outside. But this is what everyone here in Japan want to do, so all the nice inns and hotels have surely been reserved and they are all expensive! I will end up staying in Tokyo and enjoy them in a park nearby, just […]

Sake Tasting Event in Nihonbashi Area.

It had been raining raining raining…. But finally, we ‘ve started seeing the sun again everyday! And one of the good things about living in Japan is, you can have an alcohol outside without feeling nervous or guilty. Especially at the Sake Tasting Event where you can enjoy sake from many different breweries in all different regions.   People lined up in front of bars participating in this event. ↑ By the way, this old Japanese-styled bar “Sasashin” was fantastic. My friend told me this bar was quite famous for great food they serve. Chicken and scallion cooked in broth was outstanding! I MUST go back there again!   I walked […]

We’re joining Fukuro-Festival TODAY!

We’re joining Fukuro-Festival TODAY!

Sakura House staff and residents are joining Fuuro-Festival tonight ! Fukuro-Festival is not transmitted from Edo-era, like many festivals in Tokyo. It started from 1968, very new, and yet, they say this is one of the biggest festivals in central Tokyo. Look at the photo below. It really is a BIG festival! http://blog.goo.ne.jp/i-point/e/0eaa3ccb44d877575cfda1e93de9d97b   And WE’RE JOINING THIS FESTIVAL THIS YEAR AGAIN! It looks like, they are having so much fun carrying “o-mikoshi”(portable shrine). Please come see us in Ikebukuro! We will be carrying it from 17:00-19:15 TODAY! Do you wanna join us next year? Please stay at SAKURA HOUSE or SAKURA HOTEL! Here is the links for SAKURA HOUSE […]

Welcome to Japan!-Narita Airport.

If you have ever come directly to Tokyo, you might have landed either in Narita or Haneda Airport. I am pretty sure that many of you landed in Narita airport and felt uneasy to get to the center of Tokyo. However, Tokyo is such a big city and still expanding, there has to be a good distance between the airport and the city. I am introducing the ways you get to the city from Narita.   By Train. *Narita Express http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/ This should be the easiest way to come out to Shinjuku, Shibuya, Kamakura, or  to Mt. Fuji!!!   *Keisei Skyliner http://www.keisei.co.jp/keisei/tetudou/skyliner/us/index.html This will take you to Nippori Sta. on […]

Golden Town.

Have you ever been to Golden-gai(town) in Shinjuku? That is where many tiny bars in such a tiny area. They have been there since 1950 and used to be a red-light district until 1958, until anti-prostitution law was enforced. Now this area seems to draw more of public attention and many out-of-towners enjoy hanging out. I have visited a few of them, however, drink was rather expensive and the bartenders I talked to were not very interesting to me. I may try different bar if I have a chance again, but I have to make sure that I am rich enough not to get upset if the night I spend […]

Underground music shops around Sakura House Office.

If you are into collecting vintage records, you’re sure to have visited those record shops in Nishi-Shinjuku, the area where Sakura House Office is. It is quite surprising to see many record or CD shops are still running their businesses. Now everyone downlords music to the computer or phone. Who really bothers to come out to the shop to buy records, or even pay money for music??? It feels like, once people started enjoying downloading music freely or watching music clip on youtube, people became unable to appreciate music as much as they used to be. So, it is nice to know that there ARE people out there who still […]

Soba-Noodle Innovation. -Yomoda Soba-

Soba-Noodle Innovation. -Yomoda Soba-

Has everyone tried Yomoda-soba, owned by group company of Sakura House? The soba they serve is tasty and unique. There are many soba you cannot find at any other soba-noodle stands. Ham-cutlet, Deep-fried red ginger, Grinded mountain potato, you can choose one from 20 different toppings for your soba-noodle soup. And, of course, they have weekly special! I love the one below, Spinach Soba. And now, Yomoda-soba started serving a curry. Many soba-noodle stands serve curry, however, this one tastes like an authentic indian curry. This special curry is only 490 yen and now people are talking about it. The media picked up this curry and wrote about it. http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/10556269/ […]

Farewell to summertime BBQ Party.

This summer has been very extreme. In the beginning of the August, it was so hot and muggy that many people on this island got sick. But for the past week, it has been very cool and rained a lot. It almost feels like summer has been completely over. So, we had a BBQ party on the balcony at one of my friends’ place. Having beef, Chicken, fish, clam, and all different kinds of vegetable and a lot of wine , beer and sake, we had such a great time! One of my friend is very good at cooking YAKISOBA (Pan-fried noodle) from his hometown. It was yummy… And at […]

How to call yourself in Japanese.

In English, you always call yourself I. It doesn’t matter whether you are man or woman or manly or feminine. I don’t think there are many people out there who hate calling him/herself “I” and seriously thinking about creating different name.   For Japanese men, there are 3 different names to call himself. “ORE””BOKU””WATASHI”   ORE is the most popular one. Almost all men I have met usually call himself ORE. I call myself ORE. However, ORE has not been my favorite one. ORE sounds, to me, masculine and tough. Many restaurants or noodle shops use “ORE” in their name nowadays. ORE sounds very confident and somewhat assertive. I personally […]