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Our new Staff Jessica

Jessica, our new Sakura House staff!

Hello, my name is Jessica and today is my first day at SAKURA HOUSE’s Resident Relations team! I was born and raised in Germany, but soon noticed that I love traveling. At the age of 19, I had my first big solo trip to Tokyo, where I stayed for a month and experienced the Japanese summer heat and humidity for the first time. I rented an apartment via SAKURA HOUSE as it was easy and affordable, and visited a language school in Shin-Okubo. In the following years I studied Business Information Systems and started working in Germany, but also had the amazing opportunity to live in the Dominican Republic for […]

Nishiarai Daishi Guesthouse, A friendly place to start your Japan adventures

New to Tokyo? Let’s start your Japan life in a friendly guest-house!

Hello everyone! Japan now enters the summer season. It is a very vivifying season for Sakura House as we have the chance to meet a lot of new-comers to Japan coming from abroad to discover Japan or to start their student life or professional new life here. For those who come to Tokyo for the very first time, the first weeks can be a bit of a challenge. The language barrier, the new environment, the change of daily life rhythm, the change of food habits, the administrative issues etc… However there is no reason to get overwhelmed as there is no reason you have to face off those changes by […]