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5 Things That Make SAKURA HOUSE Unique – Part 1: Our Maintenance Team

5 Things That Make SAKURA HOUSE Unique – Part 1: Our Maintenance Team

At SAKURA HOUSE, we take things into our own hands. We have our own professional maintenance staff that cleans, repairs and upgrades residences and do not rely on third-party service providers only. This allows us to provide smooth and flexible service to our residents. Bearing in mind the motto “Safe, Clean and Convenient”, our maintenance team performs a series of routine cleaning and repair work for the properties, provides full support and care for the residents. The main task of our Maintenance team is to take care of our over 100 buildings all over Tokyo and is divided into several teams who are responsible for a specific area and buildings. […]

Our new Staff Jessica

Jessica, our new Sakura House staff!

Hello, my name is Jessica and today is my first day at SAKURA HOUSE’s Resident Relations team! I was born and raised in Germany, but soon noticed that I love traveling. At the age of 19, I had my first big solo trip to Tokyo, where I stayed for a month and experienced the Japanese summer heat and humidity for the first time. I rented an apartment via SAKURA HOUSE as it was easy and affordable, and visited a language school in Shin-Okubo. In the following years I studied Business Information Systems and started working in Germany, but also had the amazing opportunity to live in the Dominican Republic for […]

Welcoming Vanessa, Sakura House’s Newest German Staff Member

Welcoming Vanessa, Sakura House’s Newest German Staff Member

We’ve got another new staff member to introduce to you, this one hailing from Germany! She’s been working at Sakura House for a few months so you may have seen her around, but today she introduces herself to you.

Dormitory room to share with your friends starting 2,000 yen a night? YES!

Ohayou Gozaimasu Minasan! Did you know that it is also possible to share a dormitory room with your friend for few nights or even monthly ^^ ? If you are two or three female friends and looking for a short to long place to stay,  it is possible to stay in the same dormitory: TABATA 3 # 102 Monthly rent for one person: 36,000 yen (which is around 1,200 yen a night if you stay a month ! ^^) Staying less than a month? > 2,000 yen  a night only! 🙂 MOTOHASUNUMA # A unit Monthly rent for one person: Discounted to 43,000 yen per person! until end […]

Couple and Family stay apartments in Tokyo!

Are you currently looking for an affordable and all furnished apartment to stay for few nights or longer? You can also reserve the most convenient accommodation for your stay in Tokyo or Kyoto! No need to live in small separate rooms , you can all stay together have your privacy and enjoy your trip ^^ Make our house your own and live there confortable is possible 😉 In the center of Tokyo: TABATA 3 # 202 Staying fee starting from 20,000 yen per night (to divide per the number of persons) For a group of 5 persons, the rental would be 4,000 yen per person per night which is […]

November and December Special Autumn- Winter Discount!

Hello everybody ! For those who are planning to move in November or December we offer special discount starting one to three month:   APARTMENT IN SHINJUKU- NAKANO- SHIBUYA and SETAGAYA : NAKANO APARTMENT 121,000 yen -> 110,000 yen   MINAMI ASAGAYA 109,000 yen -> 99,000 yen   KUNITACHI APARTMENT 90,000 yen -> 83,000 yen   PRIVATE ROOMS in TOKYO center: TORITSUDAIGAKU MEGURO 82,000 yen –> 79,000 yen HIGASHI NAGASAI B 74,000 yen -> 71,000 yen   DORMITORY ROOMS also! FEMALE DORM MOTOHASUNUMA 48,000 yen -> 43,000 yen  

Short stay in Tokyo? No problem!!

Good evening minna-san, how are you? I guess that many of you are studying or working in Tokyo, and maybe your relatives or friends are planning to come to Japan to meet you and why not, to discover this wonderful Country.. Well, for a short stay in Tokyo i really recommend you our Vacation House Apartment : SENDAGAYA ANNEX 3 # R and L UNIT: 15,000 yen for two persons / And 30,000 en per night for a group of 5 persons > up to 6,000 yen per person per night .   In addition to being a beutiful, fully-furnished apartment, it`s located in a PERFECT area to start a […]

Living close to Ikebukuro for only 48.000 Yen a month?! Welcome to Sakura House!

When we come to Japan, we are expecting unique things can not be found somewhere else. Such as Cat rest Cafe, Owl Cafe and even Penguin bar…! There is also Evangelion Store, to be honest this place is amazing for a big addict such as me! As we know hotels are expensive, especially in central Tokyo such as Ikebukuro. Therefore you are asking yourself, how to stay in central Tokyo AKA Ikebukuro with low budget? Even with less than…..50.000 Yen a month for accomodation place?! We understand that! Therefore check our beautiful accomodation place in Higashi Nagasaki Moreover we have many bilingual staffs able to help you enjoy our vacation in […]