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Konnichiwa, everyone. I am so excited to introduce this new epic place,Fujiko F Fujio Museum, which opened on 3rd of September 2011. Sakura House staff, Mami and Nao had been desperate for going there before its open day and visited there finally! As you can see from the photos above, the cute shuttle buses take you to the dream place! Fujiko F Fujio (1933-1996) was one of the famous and greatest manga creators in Japan who produced many popular characters. Especially Doraemon has become  a national icon since 1969. My first film which I actually went to a theatre to watch was Doraemon and I learned reading Japanese most by […]

◉祭◉ SHIBUYA MATSURI Schedule in September 2011

◉祭◉ SHIBUYA MATSURI Schedule in September 2011

Phoenixes on portable shrines are just about flap their wings at those festival this year! September 17th and 18th SHIBUYA KONNOH HACHIMAN SHRINE The 920th of Anniversary! *The current shrine building itself has been there for 400years! The closer Sakura House guest house are Shibuya-Maruyamacho Guest House and Shibuya Sendagaya 4chome Guest House! September 22nd,23rd and 24th YOYOGI HACHIMAN SHRINE The 800th of Anniversary! There are more Sakura Houses in that area too! ◆YOYOGI KOEN APARTMENT ◆YOYOGIKOEN B GUEST HOUSE ◆NISHIHARA GUEST HOUSE ◆TOMIGAYA A GUEST HOUSE ◆TOMIGAYA GUEST HOUSE


My friend, Dennis Abe filmed the festival with his iPhone while he carried a portable shrine! It looks bumpy and rough but it shares the atmosphere of the MATSURI! The annual festival of Kitazawa Hachiman in Shimokitazawa holds the 1st Saturday and Sunday of September every year. This festival has more than 100 years history! View Larger Map


Simply just I could not wait before I finish pressing a shutter button…. Excuse-moi! As you can see, I really enjoyed having a soy milk ice-cream with an organic donut. Here is my favorite organic donut shop again! This time is in Meguro, 目黒! Sakura Houses are located where this brilliant donut shops, Hara Donuts,exist! Are they following us?! As I introduced yesterday, there is one in Kichijoji, Shimokitazawa, Futakotamagawa and so on. 大きな地図で見る This shop is located literally one minute from our MEGURO HEIGHTS (Studio Type Flat). MEGURO HEIGHTS (Studio Type Flat). The photos were taken at room 107


A stylish antique Tokyo gallery? No, it is not. It is actually a Donuts shop! 『はらドーナッツ』HARA DONUTS SHOPS is one of my favorite organic donut shops. The donut shop used to be a TOFU shop for a long time in Kobe so that they use fresh soy milk and soy beans. Good news ladies and gents, we do not need to have the guilty feeling even if we had too much of them. Especially at the Kichijoji branch, you can enjoy your tea break with a table by an antique sewing machine. I love renovating antiques in this way, and Sakura House is based on the policy. This shop is […]

A T-shirt Vending Machine in Shimokitazawa

A T-shirt Vending Machine in Shimokitazawa

I bet this is what you have been expecting from ”Japan”. An unique vending machine selling T-shirts…..1,800yen each. Well this machine is not only a symbol of randomness of Japanese subculture, but also a meaningful box. Those T-shirts were designed by artists such as Kuroda Seitaro, Naoki Urasawa(A Manga creator), Lily Franky and Keiichi Sokabe. This is for a campaign opposing the planned redevelopment of Shimokitazawa. Shimokitazawa is a small town,  well it is more likely a village where has lots of small shops and theatre. It has been really popular place by artist,comedians,actors and musicians for decades.  The town attracts young folks and the local people simply love the place! […]

Adorable “KAWAII”  Bread in Omori

Adorable “KAWAII” Bread in Omori

Omori Guest House A bakery called “Tincarbell” is next to Omori Guest House where is located 1 minute from JR Omori Station. Loving bakery shops so much, I always check if there is any around the Sakura House premises. And look those photos I found the other day on a way to Omori Guest House!! This is exactly what people call Japan as  “Kawaii” culture! Some will say that they are too cute to bite, but I did not mind to have a kawaii monkey bread from his ears!! ↓ Awwwww Croissants meets Japanese Culture! These are Maccha Green Tea flavour! I tweeted this shocking news to Sakura House French staff […]

Kinuta Koen Park in Setagaya Yoga , the true oasis in Tokyo

  Kinuta Park (砧公園) is one of the largest public park in Tokyo, I visited there when I stopped by at Sakura House Yoga 4 chome Guesthouse.  Its so HUGE, really. The park has baseball field, fotoball ground, and cycling road… There is also beautiful art gallery called “Setagaya Art Museum” (世田谷美術館)and french restaurant “Le Jardin“(ル・ジャルダン) And a had nice walk   and lunch at near Yoga station (Tokyu Denen toshi line) Tantan Great place for excising, running, biking, walking, cycling or just relax and read the book on sunny days. Why don’t you visit Yoga for this weekend? Sakura House Monthly Furnished Apartment & Guest House Agency in Tokyo Japan […]

Nite at Nishi-Ogikuno

Old-fashioned glamour at Nishi-Ogikubo. Drink yourself to oblivion…. But before you go check those classic bars, please go to This is the guest house we are very much proud of and it is in the same area!!!