☆Higashi ikebukuro- Peaceful moments☆

  Hi Everyone, How is it going?  Have you been on vacation ? I visited Higashi ikebukuro Guest House last week. Only 5 mins walk from Zoshigaya sta. by Fukutoshin line,  it tuned to be fun visit, since I happened to see unique and peaceful moments ☆ http://www.sakurahouse.com/english/premise/higashi_ikebukuro.php The Toden Arakawa Line!  It is a streetcar line in Tokyo.  Since we don`t  see streecars in Tokyo much,   Chance to see it is few and far between. I was lucky to see it! The neighborhood is very quiet and calm atmosphere ☆ So, if you look for somewhere quiet, this area is highly recommended!  Enjoy your weekend☆ Ciao T  

A Lunch Party At Kamiitabashi

Last month  Mr and Mrs Kato,the landlords of premises in Kamitabashi,hosted a party for the residents. Luckily we have been invited too and loved to join them! wooo hooo. Thank you for having us, Mr and Mrs Kato :o)   Mr Kato made a beautiful vegetarian pizza for us!!   Now I am honor to introduce you a room, Kamitabashi C (Guest House) 205, where Mr Kato put his great effort on. 205 has been just renovated. Who wants to be the luckiest one to stay there?! Go to our web site and reserve a room! Kamiitabashi C (Apartment+Guest House)   His daughters mentioned that they would like to use the […]

WASABI Farm In Nagano

Fresh greated Wasabi! Enjoyed the burning sensation…awww Would you like to experience something different from what other tourlists do? How about getting Shinkansen (a bullet train) and breathing beautiful air in a middle of a Wasabi farm? The Daiō Wasabi Farm 大王わさび農場is a the largest wasabi farm in Japan! It is located in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture. As you can see some iPhone photos of mine, the farm is surrounded by splendid green and pure water! To grow a great wasabi, pure water is essential. The Wasabi Soba is the greatest combination of Wasabi and Soba with one of the best water in Japan. Putting my feet into the spring water, it was so cold […]

A Lunch Party at Otsuka B Guest House

Ms Toita, a landlord of Otsuka B Guest House hosted a lucn party for residents and Sakura House staff were invited there as well. Thank you very much for your kind invitation, Toita-san. Your cooking is amazing! Home made plum wine has become so tasty! I sipped a little even though it was during my office hour. hehehe. ;oP This wine was made by some residents of the guest house and Sakura House staff last summer!! Let me introduce this heartwarming share house! Only one stop from Ikebukuro Station though, it is located in a peaceful residential area! Otsuka B Guest House (Private Rooms+Shared Rooms) Room 202 A Garden View […]

Wow, milk in a vending machine?!

Hot hot sunday afternoon here in Japan. Today, I was walking around Kamata Station and Umeyashiki Station showing Sakura House Kamata 2.  Look what I found!! A vending machine selling milk!! It’s not in front of a public bath, just in an arcade. How rare. It looked rather attractive…

International Party “FIESTA” Vol.7

International Party “FIESTA” Vol.7

For all the party fans!! Are you lonely in Tokyo? Do you want to make friends? The monthly Sakura Group Event, the “FIESTA” is on today! August 13th start from 6pm 1500yen admission fee ( discount applies if you join the japanese lesson from 5pm) includes 1drink / 1snack the FIESTA in the past ↓ Can you point out  the Sakura House staff? If you like beer, this place is for you!! The Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro has huge variety of beer from all over the world and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There will be a raffle for a special voucher you can use at the Sakura Cafe and Hotel! Chat, Drink, Sing? Dance?? Don’t […]

A hand held fan called 扇子

It is too hot, isn’t it. I got a 扇子 from the owner of Ushigomeyanagicho and Zoshigaya Guest House. Therefore, this year I use the 扇子 to overcome a muggy summer. It can be foldable to make itself smaller, therefore it is really convinient to carry. ↓ Let’s enjoy the summer even if hot days will keep going.

☆Meidaimae Guest House- A Scenic Beauty Spot☆

  Hi Everyone,   How is your Thursday going?  Super humid days keep going and going …. don`t know when to stop ><. Stay healthy & Let`s enjoy the Summer☆   Last week,  I visited Medaiame A&B Guest House and passed by one of my favorite scenic beauty spots. http://www.sakura-house.com/english/premise/meidaimae.php  http://www.sakura-house.com/english/premise/meidaimae_b.php   They were taken a minute away from  our lovely Meidaimae Guest House. It is along Kanda river and has various beauty elements of nature for all seasons.   One with beautiful sakura was taken around the beginning of Apr.  The other one is taken last week.    Do you know any fine views?  Let us know if you know  any  nice  scenery around your house!   Enjoy your suumer, everyone☆                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ciao T

Are you experienced?

Traditionally used as public bathing places for local’s community, hot springs are an essential aspect of domestic tourism often discovered in the countryside but currently the number of those facilities still found within major towns.   Like  Togoshi-Ginza Onsen for example. Japanese identify the importance of revival trend and today it plays a central role in the rebuilt of strong community ties. The virtues of “naked communion”, for breaking down barriers, and getting to know each other in the relaxed homey atmosphere might be a key clue to join in the widely-believed conservative of Japanese society. Please find out more and tell us your experience.

MonzenNakacho C under the renovation : )

Today, I would like to share some idea, how Sakura House is professional on renovating nostalgic wooden house to 【modern & good-atomo】 guest house : ) Here is the sample. Sakura House Monzennakacho C Guest house. http://www.sakura-house.com/english/premise/monzen_c.php This is 3-room guest house, and I like this house very much with it’s melancholiness, but some parts of theb house were getting bit old… 🙁 202 And now, we made a decision to have a renovatuion work !!   Obviously, the common  area need to be renewed,  as well as 202.  Our Maintenance team, planning and development team , and sales department had some discussion, how should do with this ??  what kind […]