☆Meidaimae Guest House- A Scenic Beauty Spot☆

  Hi Everyone,   How is your Thursday going?  Super humid days keep going and going …. don`t know when to stop ><. Stay healthy & Let`s enjoy the Summer☆   Last week,  I visited Medaiame A&B Guest House and passed by one of my favorite scenic beauty spots. http://www.sakura-house.com/english/premise/meidaimae.php  http://www.sakura-house.com/english/premise/meidaimae_b.php   They were taken a minute away from  our lovely Meidaimae Guest House. It is along Kanda river and has various beauty elements of nature for all seasons.   One with beautiful sakura was taken around the beginning of Apr.  The other one is taken last week.    Do you know any fine views?  Let us know if you know  any  nice  scenery around your house!   Enjoy your suumer, everyone☆                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ciao T

Are you experienced?

Traditionally used as public bathing places for local’s community, hot springs are an essential aspect of domestic tourism often discovered in the countryside but currently the number of those facilities still found within major towns.   Like  Togoshi-Ginza Onsen for example. Japanese identify the importance of revival trend and today it plays a central role in the rebuilt of strong community ties. The virtues of “naked communion”, for breaking down barriers, and getting to know each other in the relaxed homey atmosphere might be a key clue to join in the widely-believed conservative of Japanese society. Please find out more and tell us your experience.

MonzenNakacho C under the renovation : )

Today, I would like to share some idea, how Sakura House is professional on renovating nostalgic wooden house to 【modern & good-atomo】 guest house : ) Here is the sample. Sakura House Monzennakacho C Guest house. http://www.sakura-house.com/english/premise/monzen_c.php This is 3-room guest house, and I like this house very much with it’s melancholiness, but some parts of theb house were getting bit old… 🙁 202 And now, we made a decision to have a renovatuion work !!   Obviously, the common  area need to be renewed,  as well as 202.  Our Maintenance team, planning and development team , and sales department had some discussion, how should do with this ??  what kind […]


Ready to roll and dance for 2.5 hours! A Sakura Staff, Kobayashi was leading our dance team! Sakura House has joined this Awaodori Festival in Nakameguro for many years with our residents and the locals. Some of Sakura House fellows came to cheer us last Saturday! A big ARIGATO to all of you too! As you know, we had a devastating earthquake this March and a lot of people have been undergoing this experience. There used be an argument whether we should cancel festivals or not with this situation, however Japan has realised that we do need festivals for everyone to get back their beautiful smile!! So Nakameguro has!  The theme of the Nakameguro Awaodori […]

This bakery is Good :)

Do you know this bakery? It’s right by Shoinjinjame station on the setagaya line. It’s called Boulangerie Sudo. It’s in a very quiet and peaceful location but quite famous and most of all, it’s really good. I just tried it, but yum. Hope you can make a visit too!

FREE Japanese Lesson @ IKEBUKURO  than FIESTA PARTY!


The monthly Sakura Group Event, the free Japanese Lesson will be held Japanese Free Lesson by Intercultural Institute of Japan Date:Aug 13th 2011 (SAT) Time:5PM to 6PM Where: Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro this time, will be learning “how to say Hi 🙂 ” in japanese. Admission is free, and you’ll also get a discount on the after party FIESTA! Study, chat than drink than chat Please contact [email protected] for more info and registeration♪ the last lesson in July HERE

300BAR(300 yen for each in Ginza)

300BAR(300 yen for each in Ginza)

  Do you like drinking alcohol? There are two standing bars in Ginza which provide various cocktails and beers at 300 yen for each. It is called 300BAR. We have a brochure which has a ticket for 300 yen in the office If you are interested in the ticket, please let me know. WEB site link http://www.300bar.com/english/index.html See you.

☆Meidaimae B Guest House-Have it all☆

This is one of my favorite guest house, since the location is super convenient, and the house is relatively new, about 2 years old, quiet residential area and the beautiful nature is around the place and many more good things..☆ Speaking of the convenient access, it takes only 20 mins to Shinjuku also 17 mins to Shibuya. This Meidaimae B Guest House is about 2 years old, why don`t you check the new and pretty rooms with us? The area is calm residential area.   It is suitable for those  looking  for calm and  quiet life. River, Parks, and also Mini tomato garden (hehe)at the entrance area  are available.  You will enjoy the beautiful nature for your relaxation. ( I have heard that one of our residents grew the […]

Birthday Party.

At the bar, where I go to quite often, cereblated my birthday for me. Master of the bar baked a cake for me and opened a bottle o f Shampaign. He said, “Birthday is the day you should feel greatful to your parents for giving you birth.” nodding. And I stared at his face, feeling the water level of the river flowing in my heart was rising rapidly.  If you want to be a neighbor of the nice bar and people, please move to this Apt.    

ALT, Assistant Language Teacher, experience story from Sakura House resident

Do you know what is ALT? ALT stand for “Assistant Language Teacher” supported by Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme, so called JET program. ALT will teach  English Language at high school students and support English teachers/classes at public schools all over in Japan. And its great way to work here in Japan One of our resident and became a  good friend of mine, Sat, from UK shared heart warming story about his ALT experience  with us. One day, he gave an English writing assignment to students about their “Favorite Thing”. his students wrote freely, such as some student likes  “Rooney from Manchester United”,  and other likes “Freddie Mercury, the vocal […]