Adorable “KAWAII”  Bread in Omori

Adorable “KAWAII” Bread in Omori

Omori Guest House A bakery called “Tincarbell” is next to Omori Guest House where is located 1 minute from JR Omori Station. Loving bakery shops so much, I always check if there is any around the Sakura House premises. And look those photos I found the other day on a way to Omori Guest House!! This is exactly what people call Japan as  “Kawaii” culture! Some will say that they are too cute to bite, but I did not mind to have a kawaii monkey bread from his ears!! ↓ Awwwww Croissants meets Japanese Culture! These are Maccha Green Tea flavour! I tweeted this shocking news to Sakura House French staff […]

How about cooling your self down with Japanese Garden??

Yesterday ,  I visited a park close to my house. And unexpectedly,  but fortunately I found beautiful Japanese Garden there !! : ) Isn’t this so beautiful ?? It was so hot outside yesterday, but this beautiful landscape cooled me down  a lot : P One more beautiful shot here  !! Very quiet, and very precious moment.  Which is Priceless : ) It’s so hot outside, and sometime we cannot stand for it… But how about not staying in air-conditioned room and get away for priceless moment ??? I had  ‘Japanese Matcha there  to boot  ’ (^^)/  

Paiting work is done at Sakura House Toritsudaigaku, Tokyo

Paiting work is done at Sakura House Toritsudaigaku, Tokyo

Sakura House  have  in-house maintenance team who takes care of the premises. They do cleaning, repairing, installing/take out the stuff and this time painting the mail box of Sakura House Toritsudaigaku house!  Nice color. Sakura House Toritsudaigaku #201 They regularly  visit Sakura House premises, please say hello to them when you meet them at our house. They can be very macho &  sweaty (specially this season now)  by appearance but super friendly and cool guys! Sakura House Toristudaigaku is located just 2 mins walk from Toritsudaigaku station 都立大学駅 on Tokyu Denentoshi line. Very close from Shibuya station. We also have apartment there called Sakura House Toritsudaigaku Kakinokizaka apartment. One of […]

Kinuta Koen Park in Setagaya Yoga , the true oasis in Tokyo

  Kinuta Park (砧公園) is one of the largest public park in Tokyo, I visited there when I stopped by at Sakura House Yoga 4 chome Guesthouse.  Its so HUGE, really. The park has baseball field, fotoball ground, and cycling road… There is also beautiful art gallery called “Setagaya Art Museum” (世田谷美術館)and french restaurant “Le Jardin“(ル・ジャルダン) And a had nice walk   and lunch at near Yoga station (Tokyu Denen toshi line) Tantan Great place for excising, running, biking, walking, cycling or just relax and read the book on sunny days. Why don’t you visit Yoga for this weekend? Sakura House Monthly Furnished Apartment & Guest House Agency in Tokyo Japan […]

Nite at Nishi-Ogikuno

Old-fashioned glamour at Nishi-Ogikubo. Drink yourself to oblivion…. But before you go check those classic bars, please go to This is the guest house we are very much proud of and it is in the same area!!!