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Here are our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers. If you have any questions not answered here, please do contact us.


Q How does SAKURA HOUSE differ from ordinary real estate agencies in Japan?


Q How does the cost of SAKURA HOUSE compare with hotels and regular apartments?

Q Where is your office located?

Q Can I contact you in English?

About our rooms

Q What's included in the rent?

Q Are rooms equipped with a telephone line?

Q I would like to know more about the reservation procedure.

Q What is the difference between a share house / an apartment / a guest house?

Q Are rooms furnished?

Q Are rooms equipped with air conditioners?

For reservation

Q The Sakura House Lounge closes at 8 p.m. My flight arrives at Narita Airport at 5 p.m. Do I have enough time to check in?

Q Where should I pick up my keys on check in day?

Q I am Japanese. Can I reserve a room?

Q What do I need to provide in order to sign the Lease Agreement?

Q Is it possible to reserve a room from overseas?

Q I’m planning to go to Tokyo in 6 months. Can I reserve a room now?

Q What is the shortest stay at SAKURA HOUSE?

Q I would like to take a look at the room. Can you arrange a viewing?

Q What else do I have to pay?

Q Do I need a guarantor?

Q I am under 20 years old. Can I reserve a room?

Q After I pay the deposit, can I transfer my reservation to another room?

Q I want to share an apartment or a share house room with my friends.


Q Who can reserve a room with PRE-RESERVATION?

Q It is my first time in Tokyo and I do not know which area is good for living, can I contact Sakura House in order to find the best accommodation for me?

Q If I changed my flight ticket, can I also change my check in date?

Q What happens if one month before my check in date, there is no room I like?

Q After paying the deposit, if I am not planning to come to Japan anymore, what happens with my deposit?

Q What happens if after I check in I am not happy with my room choice?

Q Why should I use PRE-RESERVATION and pay a deposit now if I am not guaranteed the accommodation I want?

Daily/Weekly Stays (Short Stays)

Q What are Daily/Weekly stays?

During your stay

Q I wish to check out during the middle of the month, do I still have to pay for the remainder of the month?

Q What is "Check Out Inspection"?

Q Can I specify a time range for the check out inspection?

Q The TV / fridge / air-conditioner is not working properly...

Q What is "Sakura Event"?

Q Do I need to inform Sakura House before I check out? What exactly does the "1 month check out notice" mean?

Q When is the monthly cut-off date? When do I pay next month’s rent?

Q My friend is coming to Tokyo. Can I let her / him stay in my room?

Q I am a smoker. Can I smoke in the room?

Q Can I enter my room again after check-out?

Q There will be 2 of us. Is it possible to have an extra bed?


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