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Access to our office


Nishi-Shinjuku K-1 Bldg. 2F, 7-2-6,
Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo Japan
Postal code: 160-0023

Japan: 03-5330-5250
From Outside Japan: +81-3-5330-5250

8:50 - 20:00, Open 7 days a week,
including the New Year's Holidays.

From Shinjuku Station to SAKURA HOUSE Office

  • West Exit

    Once you arrive at Shinjuku Station, take the West Exit. Take the escalator to the ground level.

  • Uniqlo

    Once outside, turn right and walk towards the UNIQLO store.

    Before reaching UNIQLO you will pass the Odakyu Department Store and a florist on your right.

  • From there, keep going straight. Walk along the covered shopping street, passing a KFC on your right. You will arrive at a big intersection.

  • Do you see the building with the green and white "TANO" advertisement on top? It should be directly in front of you. Cross the street and continue going straight, keeping the TANO building on your right.

  • Almost there! Just keep going straight. You'll pass a small Karaoke place on your right, cross a small intersection, and pass the Seijo Pharmacy on your right. The entrance to Sakura House is between the Excelsior Cafe and Sunkus Convenience Store. You should also be able to see a Tully's Coffee Shop across the street.

    We are waiting for you on the second floor!

From Airport to Shinjuku Station

Limousine Bus
Airport > Shinjuku West Exit
1h25 ~ 1h55 (every 20 min.) / ¥3100
Skyliner / Access Express (Keisei line) + JR Yamanote line
Airport > Nippori station > Shinjuku
1h10 (3 trains per hour) / ¥2590
Tokkyu (Keisei line) + JR Yamanote line
Airport > Nippori station > Shinjuku
1h43 (3 trains per hour) / ¥1190
Narita Express “NEX” (JR line)
Airport > Shinjuku
1h25 (every 30 min.) / ¥3110
Limousine Bus
Airport > Shinjuku West Exit
35 ~ 60min. (every 20 min.) / ¥1230
(Night bus / ¥2000 from 0h00~4h59)
Tokyo Monorail + JR Yamanote line
Airport > Hamamatsucho station > Shinjuku
45min. (a train approx every 5min.) / ¥660
(¥500 with “Monorail & Yamanote Line Discount Ticket”)
Keikyu line
Airport > Shinagawa station > Shinjuku
34min. / ¥590 (a train approx every 5min.)
The Sakura House office closes at 20:00 (8:00PM), therefore please leave the Narita airport before 17:30 (5:30PM) or the Haneda airport before 18:30 (6:30PM) if you want to check-in at our office on the same day.


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