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Residents' Voice

See the following pages for an insight into the life of SAKURA HOUSE residents. (written by residents themselves)

VH from Germany (Kuramae and Morishita)

Philippines J. N. (ASAKUSA KURAMAE)

I enjoyed my stay at SAKURA HOUSE because the staff is really friendly and very helpful; SAKURA HOUSE was the best place for me to stay. (2016-08-11)


Thank you for your support.Sakura House is a pleasant agency with a warm and welcoming staff, attentive to our needs.

Taiwan A. C. (OTSUKA B)

OTSUKA B's landlord is very warm and welcoming, the neighborhood is relaxing, and the housemates are all very nice and cheerful. (2015-12-18)

France D. J. (NAKANO SAKAUE Shinjuku area Tokyo)

NAKANO SAKAUE is great! Close to everything, nice house, great people, great service! (2015-12-11)

United Kingdom A. N. M. (KAMI ITABASHI "Patio House C")

The landlord couple is very nice and helpful, and holds events for residents. (2015-12-09)

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