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Opinión de residentes

Consulte las siguientes páginas para ver la información sobre la via de los residentes de SAKURA HOUSE. (escritas por ellos mismos)

VH de Alemania (Kuramae y Morishita)

Francia Vincent & Anna (ITABASHI-KU MOTOHASUNUMA - Sakura House)

Thank you for your support.Sakura House is a pleasant agency with a warm and welcoming staff, attentive to our needs. (15/01/2016)

Taiwán A. C. (OTSUKA B)

OTSUKA B's landlord is very warm and welcoming, the neighborhood is relaxing, and the housemates are all very nice and cheerful. (18/12/2015)

Alemania A. N. (TOGOSHI GINZA)

My first choice! I was impressed by the German on the web site. It is excellent. (15/10/2015)

China C.G. (SENDAGI)

The room I live is comfortable and clean. There are lots of convenience shops near my house so it is very convenient for me to buy things I need. Besides, people live with me are all very kind. I really enjoy my staying in SAKURA HOUSE :) (27/07/2014)

Estados Unidos C.K. (KOMAGOME2)

Good place over all. Would recommend to anyone! (23/07/2014)

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