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L'avis des residents

Visitez les pages suivantes pour découvrir un aperçu de la vie des résidents de SAKURA HOUSE (rédigés par les résidents eux-même ^^).

VH d'Allemagne (Kuramae et Morishita)

Allemagne A. N. (TOGOSHI GINZA )

My first choice! I was impressed by the German on the web site. It is excellent. (15/10/2015)

Chine C.G. (SENDAGI)

The room I live is comfortable and clean. There are lots of convenience shops near my house so it is very convenient for me to buy things I need. Besides, people live with me are all very kind. I really enjoy my staying in SAKURA HOUSE :) (27/07/2014)

Etats-Unis C.K. (KOMAGOME2)

Good place over all. Would recommend to anyone! (23/07/2014)


SAKURA HOUSE Kagurazaka Yaraicho is in the PERFECT location, situated on a side street in an active and youthful area. Here, one can enjoy both the quiet atmosphere of a residential area and the busy life of Tokyo. There are many fun shops and restaurants just minutes away! It's one of the greatest places to stay in this great city of Tokyo. (03/10/2013)


Merci pour toute l'aide offerte. Agence agréable, staff chaleureux et à l'écoute. Cimer, ça claque !! (15/01/2016)

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