300BAR Hall / Kitchen Staff

Japan’s oldest standing bar “Ginza 300BAR” opened in 1992 as the most easily accessible BAR in Ginza, Tokyo
You can enjoy more than 150 kinds of cocktails for ALL 300 yen. Popular cocktails and food using homemade organic herbs
You can work while making the most of your personality in an atmosphere of young staff.

There are many customers from overseas, and many customers use it both domestically and overseas.

Full timePart Time


・Hall staff
If you are interested in hall operations, product provision, explanation, customer service, cash register, sales management, shift management, cleaning, etc., we will also be able to manage the store.
Bartender, cocktail makeup, SNS information transmission, etc.


・Kitchen staff
Work in the kitchen, including general cooking, preparation / preparation, cleaning, etc.
Since the menu changes every month, you will also need to develop new and creative menus.
Anyone interested in cooking and cooking is welcome


Experienced preferential treatment
Inexperienced welcome, housewife (husband) welcome, OK even in a short time.
Senior staff will teach you carefully.
If you can have a daily conversation,
Foreigners who can speak and read in Japanese

Work Location

Ginza 300BAR: 5-chome store, 8-chome store, NEXT (3 stores)

Working hours (Full-time)

Between 14:00-6:00 (shift system)

Compensation & Benefits (Full-time)

Employees: 240,000-350,000 (age and experience will be considered)
Treatment and benefits (employees)
Salary increase 1-2 times a year (based on individual performance)
Bonus twice a year
Full social insurance
Retirement allowance system
Payment up to the upper limit of transportation costs 20,000 yen
There is no excuse
Uniform supply
Incentive available
Appointed as a regular employee

Compensation & Benefits (Part-time)

Part-time job: 1,050 yen to 1,500 yen per hour (Consider age and experience)

Holidays (Full-time)

  • Two days off per week
  • Summer and Winter vacations
  • Paid Leave
  • Marriages and Deaths, Family Leave

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