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France By Corentin VIGNAL [30.09.2013]

I was a resident in Yoyogi uehara nishihara in July and I just wanted to say a big thanks to all of you , this experience in tokyo was amazing and will positively change my life forever. I had a beautiful job near shibuya. I was suppose to come to see the sakura staff member during my stay to bring chocolate as I am a chocolate maker but I didn't find the time to come. So don't worry I swear I'm coming next august and the chocolate will be ready for sakura staff member because your kindness deserve it. Waiting to come again .

China By Xi Yin [25.10.2011]

Here you could experience World Peace!

Germany By Christian [06.08.2009]

Thanks a lot for your e-mail and for transferring the deposit to my account. I am very happy, that I could stay the last 6 month in the Nishihara Sakura House. I enjoyed the time very much. Also a big thanks to my neighbors, especially my long-term neighbors Anna and Pierre. Because of them Nishihara House was more than just a place to sleep: It was a great place to live.

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Häuser in der Nähe



Yoyogi Hachiman Station
[Odakyu line] - 9 Min. zu Fuß 
Yoyogi Uehara Station (C01)
[Odakyu & Subway Chiyoda line] - 9 Min. zu Fuß 
Yoyogi Koen Station (C02)
[Subway Chiyoda line] - 9 Min. zu Fuß 
Komaba-Todaimae Station
[Keio Inokashira Line] - 11 Min. zu Fuß 

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YOYOGI KOEN 1 (Formerly Tomigaya A)


Station Yoyogi Hachiman
[Odakyu Linie] - 5 Min. zu Fuß

Station Yoyogi Koen (C02)
[Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Linie] - 5 Min. zu Fuß

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Yoyogi Hachiman Station
[Odakyu Line] - 5 Min. zu Fuß

Yoyogi Koen
Station (C02)
[U-Bahn Chiyoda Line] - 5 Min. zu Fuß

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YOYOGI-UEHARA Friendly House for Muslims


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