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China By Meng [21.05.2013]

Before coming abroad to study at Waseda University, I searched many different places to live on the internet, but in the end I chose SAKURA HOUSE. Numabukuro is a residential area with a peaceful environment; it has a supermarket, drug store, and convenience store close by. The 5-6 minute walk to the station is very convenient! It only takes 4 stops to reach Waseda University, which makes it perfect for the student commute.

United kingdom By P. S. [24.11.2010]

Numabukuro Apt. is situated in a quiet area, adjacent to a canal. There is easy access to trains as there are two stations nearby.

United states By M.A. and A.A. [22.12.2011]

I love Numabukuro. Peaceful place, friendly neighbors, and convenient too. I feel so at home there and will have good memories of it for always! ♥ Very comfortable, pretty location. A bit of a ride to my school in Yotsuya, but really agenuinely peaceful, nice place to live in. The neighbors are friendly!

Canada By M.D. [05.10.2010]

Great location! Nice park and riverwalk close by. "Nakano Numabukuro" is also a cute, traditional Japanese neighborhood.

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