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Germany By S.W. [17.01.2011]

Thanks for the great time at Sakura House. I made a lot of good memories and will never forget the days I spent there.

Germany By David W. [16.12.2010]

Tomigaya A is awesome. I had a great time. I'll miss my new family!!

Nepal By K.M [30.08.2010]

Thank you for allowing me to stay at Sakura house. I had a nice stay in most economic way with interaction of the friends from various countries.I have been travelling for last four years for my business and private as well. I choose my accommodation depending on the purpose of my trip for example: nice business hotel, youth hostel, bag packers hostel and monthly apartment. I choose Sakura house this time because it is centrally located to access Tokyo area, economic and right place for interaction with many people. I am very happy with Sakura house facility such as shower,internet,common kitchen and regular cleaning service. Sakura house could me the suitable place to stay who come to Japan for short stay like internship, travelling, job hunting for students and also for those who are not certain to live in Japan but staying for a quiet long time. I wish to share the experience of Sakura house to my friends and juniors for the suitable accommodation in various part of Japan.

United states By Adam [02.06.2011]

Great new building, Lots of light. Huge balcony. Will stay here again whenever possible!

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Yoyogi Hachiman Station
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Yoyogi Koen
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[U-Bahn Chiyoda Line] - 5 Min. zu Fuß

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