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Resident's Voice

United Kingdom By Liz A. [2009-12-11]

Uguisudani B is a great location, and an overall good quality place. Situated very close to the JR station, a good supermarket/hardware store and a post office it will meet anyone's needs. The place is also tidy and clean inside, and always has friendly residents. Im off to Osaka for a change of scenery from Tokyo, but will take good memories with me.

France By G. O. [2009-09-02]

Very good location, well organized.

United States By A.K [2009-08-06]

Everything was pretty good except for the noise. I can easily hear my neighbor when they are talking on the phone. Overall is good.

Sweden By E.L [2009-08-21]

I've really enjoyed my stay here. Everything's bee totally all right. This area is so covenient!!

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