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United States By D. K. [2011-01-24]

If you grew up in the suburbs (or just love the city but hate all the noise) Itabashi Honcho is the place for you. The first thing you need to know about Itabashi Honcho is the noodle bar, Meguro Ramen. The second thing you need to know about Itabashi Honcho is the noodle bar, Meguro Ramen. (Seriously, not a typo, try the Stamina Ramen!) The third thing you need to know about Itabashi Honcho is that it's mere minutes away from Ikebukuro, a popular place for foreigners to live. It's close enough for people to be comfortable with foreigners in the Itabashi honcho neighborhood too, just don't expect the locals to speak English to you. The lack of English is an added bonus for Japanese language learners! The location not only features the Tokyo Metro a few minutes away from your front door, but you will also have access to nearby JR railway stations to boot. If you google the shortcut, it's only a quick 20 minute walk to Jujo station. The trip there functions as great alternative route home, especially if you enjoy strolling through covered shopping arcades on your way! The housing itself is almost as awesome as this green neighborhood is (that's right, I'm talking about rivers and trees in Tokyo!) With a gated front yard fenced in by a high concrete wall for privacy's sake, you can sit outside and catch some sun in your bathing suit any day you feel like it. Inside the house, the bathtub and shower are in a separate room from the toilet, which is handy if you worry about having a roommate monopolizing the bathroom while he or she is showering. I'd recommend renting the place solo though, the neighbors are friendly if you make an effort to say hi and the other apartment in the house's duplex usually has cool people living in it, so you never really feel lonely. After all, you get to share the yard together! Summertime BBQ ho!

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