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Japanese real estate agency SAKURA HOUSE offers over 1,000 APARTMENT ROOMS, SHARE HOUSE (GUEST HOUSE) ROOMS, DORMITORY BEDS & VACATION HOUSES in 100 Tokyo & Kyoto locations.

  • Daily, weekly & monthly stays for vacationers, students, interns, businesspeople, etc.
  • Couples, families, groups, children & senior citizens welcome
  • Personalized support & service by multilingual staff
  • RESIDENT EVENTS are held throughout the year

  • Residence maintenance & cleaning of common areas by SAKURA HOUSE maintenance staff
  • All residences are furnished; all you need to bring is your suitcase
  • All residences have fully-equipped kitchens with induction cooktops (or gas ranges), refrigerators, microwave ovens, toaster ovens, tableware & cookware
  • All residences have air conditioners & free Internet Wi-Fi

  • No key money, agent fee or guarantor needed; all utility costs are included
  • Prorated rents; residents pay only for the number of days or nights he/she actually stayed in the room
  • A valid passport and a 20,000 yen deposit are all you need to reserve a room, from anywhere in the world; deposits are not needed for short stays and vacation rentals
  • Credit cards accepted (VISA, MasterCard, DC, American Express)

Our Staff

We offer multilingual support by an international staff (current staff members come from China, Columbia, France, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Zambia, etc.), and provides comfortable, safe and reasonably-priced accommodations in which all of our residents, regardless of their origins or the cultures to which they belong, can enjoy life in Japan.

We have our own maintenance team that cleans, repairs and upgrades residences. If you experience any problems, CONTACT SAKURA HOUSE immediately and we will provide assistance.

All SAKURA HOUSE staff speak English and are more than happy to assist you!


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