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Finding and reserving a room with SAKURA HOUSE is easy!

0. When do you move in?

In February or March

Find your room with SEARCH


SAKURA HOUSE offers the following types of rooms:


CALL US at +81-3-5330-5250 or CONTACT US HERE; our experienced & multilingual staff will assist in you in finding a room!

Unlike many of our competitors, there are NO HIDDEN COSTS at SAKURA HOUSE. For instance, all utility costs are paid for by the rent payments.

In April or later

Secure a room TODAY with PRE-RESERVATION

With PRE-RESERVATION, you can secure a place to stay months before moving in by placing a deposit first and selecting a room later.

Over 300 residents move out of SAKURA HOUSE residences each month; we can always provide you a room by the time you arrive in Tokyo.

Ask us about having our staff find a SAKURA HOUSE room for you.

1. Search

image of search criteria

You can search for a room with the following methods:

    - By Room Type
    - By Room Size
    - By Area
image of rooms

If you want to keep room data...

USE "My List"

Use "My List" and check the availabilities of premises you like!
It will come in handy for you if you like to compare and check multiple premises at one time!

2. Reserve or Inquire

sakura house office

RESERVE a room on this web site or
CALL us at +81-3-5330-5250

When you reserve a room, please deposit 20,000 yen, as well as 10,000 yen for each additional person. Up to 15,000 yen of the deposit will be refunded when you move out (up to 10,000 yen for apartment residents).

If you have any questions,

please use "Inquiry" on each premises page or call us.

If you are already in Japan and want to see the room first,

please click on "Room viewing" found on the web pages for our premises, or call us at 03-5330-5250. We will arrange  an appointment for you.

image of building

If you haven’t decided to reserve immediately,

Use the "Building Inquiry"

on each accommodation page.
Please note that this is not a reservation.

3. Sign at our office

Please pay a deposit of 20,000 yen (10,000 yen for each additional person), as well as the first month's rent. A valid passport is also required for you to sign a contract and receive your keys.

4. Move in

Enjoy your life in SAKURA HOUSE!

We organize various resident events throughout the year. Join the fun and experience Tokyo with "Sakura Friends"!

When you decided to move out, please inform us at least 1 month prior to your move-out day.

If you have any problems with your room, or if you have any questions or requests, please contact us. Our telephone number is 03-5330-5250.

5. Move out

See you again!

On the day you move out, SAKURA HOUSE staff will inspect your room with you.

Please help us by cleaning the room beforehand. After the inspection, our staff will refund your deposit by up to 15,000 yen (10,000 yen for apartments).

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